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GW Athletics Quiz

See if you bleed buff and blue. Test your GW sports IQ:

1. Round thing used in many GW sports (i.e. basket____).

2. The number “54” that GW point guard Shawnta Rogers wears has this relationship to his height.

3. GW crew teams use these to row their boats through the water.

4. GW head coach ____ Penders.

5. Basketball players must do this while they are moving or the referee will call a violation.

6. GW cross-country runners typically do this in a meet.

7. Other than the Smith Center, this is GW’s closest athletic facility to campus.

8. Best college basketball player from Alaska.

9. Team that played Indiana in the first round of the NCAA Tournament

10. _______ are worn on the feet of many GW athletes when they compete.

11. GW golfers use their clubs to do this.

12. What a GW gymnast means when they say “hit.”

13. If a GW swimmer says he “looks good in the water” it means this.


1. Testicle. 2. He is 5 feet, 4 inches tall. 3. Big loaves of French bread. 4. Curly. 5. Pick their noses. 6. Knock other people down so they don’t have to run as fast. 7. Los Angeles Coliseum. 8. Mark Lund. Trajan Langdon’s graduating. He could take Trajan anyway. 9. Nobody. GW forgot to show up. 10. Big bunny slippers. 11. Make big holes in the ground. 12. Going to an opposing school and attacking their gymnastics team with AK-47 assault rifles. 13. GW honeys think he’s pretty fly for a white guy.

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