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Quashing speculation about the JEC

Before rumors start to fly too much, I wanted to comment on my resignation as chair of the Joint Elections Committee. It is my hope that this letter will serve as an explanation and apology to the campus in general, the candidates, and most importantly, my friends on the JEC.

My decision to leave the JEC was based completely on matters of my health – nothing more. I realize the timing was suspect, so allow me to elaborate.

Since 1994, I have been an insulin-dependent diabetic. For the most part, I have been in good health with few complications. Recently, however, that has not been the case. Over the last year, I have battled complications from the disease, both direct and indirect. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say, they have been quite trying on me physically and emotionally.

My most recent problems have been rather serious and the stress involving our court case and the general chaos surrounding elections, midterms, and my personal life have taken their toll. Let’s just say that my heart just hasn’t been in it as of late. I came to the decision that my health must take priority over campus elections.

It was hard for me to admit defeat and step down. I’ve never given up on a battle before. The very fact that I am 30 years old and still working on my undergrad degree is a testimony to my tenacity. Priorities have shifted, decisions have been made, I will go on fighting.

Now, since I am a member of the “general public” again, allow me to make a few comments. First, I defend all the actions, procedures and members of the JEC.

I am proud to have worked with this group of people. They are perhaps some of the most honest, decent people I have ever met and I appreciate their support and hard work during the elections. Mistakes have been made, to be sure, but those have been corrected and these elections have been decidedly fair and just.

To the candidates: For the most part, this has been a clean, relatively violation-free election. You have my thanks. You also have my respect for wanting to serve the GW community. It’s a thankless job sometimes, believe me, I know.

But, let me say this, at no time was any action taken by the JEC ever meant to be a personal attack. Ever. End of story. My personal integrity was called into question many times during this election. Those who accused me of personal bias obviously don’t know me very well. I have a tough skin anyway and could care less what you think of me.

However, I can tell you the JEC treated each candidate fairly and equally, with no malice or bias in any way.

So, I go off to rest and relax. I thank everyone for their kind words of support and comfort. Will I be back to serve the GW community again? More than likely. I’m a glutton for punishment. So as spring break approaches, enjoy your time off. And remember, it’s only a campus election. Remember your priorities.

-The writer, a junior majoring in international affairs, was the chair of the Joint Elections Committee.

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