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Alternative eateries to popular restaurants near campus

Photo Courtsey of Le Diplomate
Photo Courtsey of Le Diplomate

It’s parents’ weekend again, and once again you’re faced with the age-old question: Where should I take my parents to dinner tonight that won’t be packed with other GW families?

Try these alternative options to popular restaurants around campus that show your parents that you do venture out of the Foggy Bottom bubble.

If you like Founding Farmers, try The Diner

Unless you’ve made a reservation at least a month in advance, Founding Farmers is out of the question during Colonials Weekend. This culinary hotspot is notorious for its ridiculous wait times around brunch hours, especially when college students want a good meal on their parents’ dime.

But if you’re craving Founding Farmers’ trademark comfort food, then The Diner is likely right up your alley. They offer breakfast 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is a bonus that Founding Farmers doesn’t offer.

The Diner serves all the classics, like a mean Greek omelet, bread pudding, French toast and breakfast tots. In terms of beverages, it may not boast a long drink menu like Founding Farmers does, but The Diner does offer a selection of milkshakes – some of which come spiked. Hopefully that’ll be enough to distract your parents while you explain how you’ve already spent all of your dining cash for the semester.

If you like Maxime, try Le Diplomate

Maxime is a tasty option for students when they want to treat themselves to French food without breaking the bank.

Now that your parents are here and your normal budget goes out the window, it’s time to try the adult version: Le Diplomate. Le Diplomate develops dishes with authentic flavors and cuts back a bit on the salt that Maxime loves to throw all over their entrées.

It’s hard to pick just one dish off of their decadent menu – Le Diplomate offers the classic cheese board, warm French onion soup, crispy cheese gougeres and beef bourguignon. It’s located in the vibrant and upcoming Logan Circle, so after dinner you can easily catch a play or get some gelato at Dolcezza.

Fun fact: Joe Biden frequents this eatery to get his fill of their delicious lobster risotto, so you know it’s high quality.

If you like Momofuku, try Ping Pong Dim Sum

Fast forward a year after Momofuku’s grand opening, and it’s still almost impossible to get a table. If you don’t feel like waiting an eternity for dinner, try Ping Pong Dim Sum.

Ping Pong offers a diverse, Asian-inspired menu, and both restaurants encourage ordering dishes to share. Even better, it boasts a larger menu than Momofuku, chock-full of dumplings, rice dishes and steaming buns, similar to those at Momofuku.

Plus, it’s located in Chinatown, so you’ll be able to show your parents that you do get your cultural fix every now and then.

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