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Op-ed: Foggy Bottom residents are lucky to have GW

Darrell Smith is a Foggy Bottom resident.

On a Saturday morning long ago, in the mid-80’s, I remember waking up one morning, still wearing my white, dress military college uniform that was quite mysteriously covered in green grass stains.

I didn’t remember most of the evening so I asked one of my classmates about the unsightly discolorations. He told me that the last time he saw me, I had been rolling around in a graveyard.

I feel that there are others among the “adult” crowd in Foggy Bottom that can recall similar transgressions from their college days. Are any of us really worthy of casting the first stone?

Don’t get me wrong. I believe colleges like GW should have rules and that lesson-providing punishment should be handed out. That, however, is the end of the story.

I’ve lived in Snows Court between 24th and 25th streets for close to 10 years, and I don’t think the community needs to be at war with the leaders of tomorrow. Reading the headlines in the local papers one would believe GW students have run amuck, and all my neighbors are holed up in barricaded homes and apartments.

Personally, I just don’t see it. In Foggy Bottom, we’re lucky to have GW as a neighbor, and we’re lucky to have these beautiful young hearts beating among us.

Most GW students have left for the summer, and with them they will take their happy smiles and joyous laughter. The streets will be more empty and the nights will be dimmer. I for one, will miss them.

I love seeing a skateboarder flying down the street, I love hearing two roommates in Whole Foods negotiating a grocery list, I love seeing a student studying on a park bench on a Friday night. And God help me, I love seeing them blow off some steam in the front yard of a rented home in the safe embrace of the Foggy Bottom neighborhood (as opposed to being somewhere else without adults to rein them in when they get carried away).

I didn’t receive my education at GW, but I feel like a Colonial after living here for so long. I love the students, and I love this neighborhood.

We should all really try kindness first. And after all, I have yet to see a GW student rolling around in a graveyard, so maybe the neighborhood can chill just a little bit and remember that we are blessed with a wonderful treasure in the students that live among us.

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