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Dev Sterrette: Closing remarks

Jordan Emont | Photo Editor
Jordan Emont | Photo Editor

Forgive me for all the line breaks; I had to fill up this 30-piece somehow.

I can’t believe it’s over. Working on a two-man web team at The Hatchet was more than a challenge. Uploading a paper’s worth of content twice a week can take quite a toll on a full-time student also maintaining an internship. I usually started around midnight and almost always worked late into the next morning. Special guide issues were especially daunting, but I took solace in knowing that they would eventually look fantastic reproduced on the website the next day. That is what kept me going. Helping to produce a great online product is what motivated me to come back into the townhouse every production night.

I was brought on staff freshman year as a cartoonist for Opinions. A little later I was invited to join the web team. What a journey. As a web producer and manager, I’ve grown tremendously. I’m lucky to have learned so much outside of GW classes. Though I’ve gained invaluable experience, what was most fulfilling was working alongside my friends. The Hatchet’s biggest strength is undoubtedly the dedicated students who run it.

Looking back, I can say wholeheartedly that I’m proud to have been apart of such a great publication.

Now I suppose I’ll thank everyone who made my time here memorable:

Connor: I’ve never watched so many YouTube videos with any one person. Your diligent work ethic and sense of humor made getting through those long hours bearable. Along the way we have probably discovered more about each other than two coworkers should. But seriously, I didn’t think it was humanly possible to function on such little sleep until I met you. It still baffles me how you were able to master the Uberman’s sleep schedule while still attending school full time. The sheer amount of coding knowledge and web development skills you have is extraordinary. Without you the site would never have gotten this far. You’re hands down the best webmaster I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Now that we’ve come to the end, I think you can truly say, “Harry, I’ve reached the top.”

Priya: You’ve been a great leader at The Hatchet. The paper and staff are certainly better for having you. You’ve been a great boss but an even better friend. Thanks for everything.

Traynor: It’s astounding how easy it was to coax you into getting that fake tattoo where you got it. My only regret is not pressuring you into getting a real one. I am sorry though that I misspelled your name that one time. Who knew accidentally adding a single character could be so inflammatory?

Bowman: Sorry I high-fived. But you deserve it for guilt-tripping me into selling my Krispy Kreme stock – it has doubled since then. As for my obliterated heap of a phone, you have my forgiveness. Also, tell Snowballs I said hello.

Allison: You asked to be in my 30-piece so here you are. Hey there.

Rachel: It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks for the fun times; we certainly had a few memorable moments. Also, my knowledge of NY has tripled since meeting you. I am forever grateful.

French: I have to thank you for bringing me on board. Joining staff was a great decision. I wish you the best.

Justin: When I was a freshman you made an effort to make me feel like I was apart of staff. Thank you buddy.

Jordan: You’re absolutely right.

Annu: You always lighten the mood. I have to thank you for simply being so upbeat when others weren’t.

Ryan & Amanda: Your snarky sense of humor is what motivated me to come in early few times. Keep up the good work.

Gabe: You sometimes stress me out but that’s quite all right. You have a creative vision that I very much envy.

Francis: Thanks for being a good roommate. Living with you was definitely an experience.

TV by the window: Thank you for your weekly broadcast of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Otherwise, I might not have made it.

Cory and Ferris: Good luck next year with volume 110. Having known you guys over years, I can rest assured knowing the paper will be great hands. And just remember, if you ever need help with the website next year I will have changed my phone number by then. Tracking me down will be very difficult so don’t try. If you need any technical assistance try this new website I found:

Mom, Dad, Grandma & Dawana: Thanks for all your support. You’ve always been my biggest fans. I’ve gotten this far because of you — for that I will always be grateful.

Also, 01000111011011110010000001010010011000010111011001100101011011100111001100100001. -30-

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