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Welcome Back Guide: What you need and why

After lugging your belongings into your residence hall, take a trip to Target and Bed Bath & Beyond in Columbia Heights – but be sure to bring The Hatchet’s shopping list to keep your home organized.



A classic blazer is a necessity for interviews or classy dinners with friends. Invest in one – they go a long way. Be sure to buy a neutral color to go with any outfit, and if you’re looking for comfort, go for a structured cotton one rather than a regular fitted blazer.


Carry a scarf to protect your neck from the blistering wind while walking to the Metro, or add a whimsical touch to average outfits.They also help hide friendly little reminders of the weekend when you’re off to class Monday morning. Buy some lightweight fabrics so you can drape them on during any season.


A cardigan is perfect to throw on over any outfit before class or to cover a spill. Temperatures differ from building to building, so dressing in layers when you have a jam-packed day of classes is the most efficient option. The light sweaters serve as the perfect extra layer for the fickle D.C. weather.

Walking shoes

Media Credit: Jordan Emont

To truly get acquainted with D.C., being able to walk long distances is important. With today’s fashions, walking shoes do not necessarily have to be drab. For the fall and spring, a nice pair of Toms or Sperrys will provide style and comfort, and both brands have fun colors to spice up any outfit. For the winter, a neutral pair of boots with a solid tread is also a must-have.

Athletic shorts

You might think that you would never be caught dead wearing athletic shorts to class or even down D.C.’s streets, lined with suited-up young professionals, but that’s where you’re wrong. On the worst of mornings – after you have pulled three all-nighters in a row and are headed to Gelman Library for a fourth night – you’ll want to get into a pair of athletic shorts. They also come in handy for trips to the Lerner Health and Wellness Center or a run around the National Mall.


Under-the-bed storage

Even though residence halls at GW tend to be larger than at other schools, there simply will never be enough space for everything you want to keep in your college room. Under-the-bed storage bins make use of nooks and crannies where you can store off-season clothing, books or tools that you don’t need on a daily basis. Hit up Target Takeover to buy some bins or use your suitcases for storage.

Clorox wipes

All-purpose wipes are a must for the spills and dust collection that are inevitable in a dorm room. Keep bacteria at a minimum by quickly wiping down your door handles and countertops when you have a spare minute – and especially in the winter, when sickness spreads easily.

Tool kit

A tool kit comes in handy for hammering nails into the wall for photo frames and hanging posters that tape cannot hold up. Taking a trip to IKEA? You might end up needing a screwdriver to put together a bed for your new, off-campus bed.


There are some rooms on cmapus that are dimly lit, and it might be smart to bringa desk or floor lamp to bright up the space. You might also want a desk lamp with an adjustable neck and clip so you can move it from your desk during study time to your bed during reading time.

Night stand

Depending on how your room is configured, a bedside table is very important. Target sells cheap drawer sets that can double as night stands, providing convenient storage space and a place for items you like to keep nearby.

Plastic Hooks

For another simple way to save space, buy some adhesive plastic hanging hooks from Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. Stick them on a wall or on the back of a door to hang towels, scarves and other clothing items to save closet and shelf space.

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