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Three alumni join Board of Trustees
By Hannah Marr, News Editor • June 21, 2024

Freshman Orientation Guide: GW dictionary

You may be able to walk the Colonial’s walk, but can you talk the G-dub talk? Each university has its own slang, so use the following guide to learn the lingo at GW.

4-RIDE: 4-RIDE is a shuttle service operated by the University Police Department. Designed to help students feel safe getting around campus at night, many use 4-RIDE during inconvenient weather or just to travel at night to a party within the escort service’s travel radius. Add 4-RIDE to your contacts: (202) 994-RIDE

Campus Food: will be your savior during those late nights (or lazy days) when you are too tired or too busy to leave your residence hall for a bite to eat. This online restaurant service will deliver food right to your building from a variety of local establishments.

CDs and CRs: The College Democrats and College Republicans are two of the largest and most active student groups on campus. Pay your dues to receive a t-shirt and display your party pride during midterm election season.

Club G: Gelman Library, where all the cool kids go during midterm and final exams to study, and sometimes just to socialize. Believe it or not, you will spend many nights at Club G with your eyes glued to a laptop and with a cup of coffee in hand. Starbucks is located on the bottom floor of the building. How’s that for convenience?

The Deli: Known for having the best breakfast sandwiches around, the Deli is also known for its cheap and delicious eats. Located on G Street next to the Fishbowl, the Deli is a great place to grab a bite, but avoid the lines by going before, not after class.

EMeRG: GW’s Emergency Medical Response Group is a student-run organization that provides emergency medical care to students and community members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While EMeRG can help with regular injuries, you are more likely to see students being taken to the hospital for over-consumption of alcohol.

FoBoGro: Foggy Bottom Grocery is the newest eatery to campus. This grocery store and deli opened this spring right next to Anniversary Park on F Street, and is open until midnight and later on the weekends. Head over to pick up some late-night snacks or groceries.

HelWell: The Lerner Health and Wellness Center is the gym on the Foggy Bottom campus. Avoid gaining the freshman 15 by visiting Hel-Well at 23rd and G streets. Or, you could hit up Campus Fresh, a restaurant located in the building, and try some of the best frozen yogurt and burritos on campus.

Manouch: A hot dog street vendor located right outside the School of Media and Public Affairs building. Most GW students have bought a hot dog or soft pretzel from him after a night of heavy partying. Ask him to use the “GW sauce” to make your nighttime treat even tastier.

PB: The Program Board is a student organization that plans Welcome Week and concerts like Fall Fest and Fountain Fling, as well as other similar events throughout the year.

SA: The SA, short for the Student Association, is GW’s student government which distributes funds to student organizations and represents the student body. Test your political skills by vying for a position in the legislative, executive or judicial branch.

SmarTrip: Getting a SmarTrip metro card will make your life easier as you travel across D.C. using the subway system. You don’t want to miss your train because you had to purchase yet another farecard.

UPD: University Police Department, located at 23rd and G streets. UPD officers are responsible for keeping GW safe and patrol campus by foot, bicycle and minivan every day.

The Vern: Mount Vernon, GW’s more traditional second campus, is just a 15-minute shuttle ride away from Foggy Bottom. The Vern is the home of newly built Pelham Hall, athletic fields and swimming pools.

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