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Hadas Gold: An uneven journey, but a great result

Each year, graduating editors are given 30 final column inches – “30” was historically used to signify the end of a story – to reflect on their time at The Hatchet, published in the final issues of the year.

I was standing in my room two years ago on the second floor of the Sigma Kappa house, listening to the infamous editor, Eric Roper, rip my head off for a story he thought I wrote while drunk.

My real journey with The Hatchet started after that moment, because until then, it was just typical. I signed up for The Hatchet almost as soon as I turned in my deposit for GW, and wrote a story nearly every week. I was slated to be an editor by junior year, on the typical path to Hatchet success.

And then it stopped. I remember sitting in J Street with the best editor I’ve ever had, Jess Calefati, discussing with her whether I should run for president of my sorority. She was trying to convince me that I should dedicate myself to The Hatchet; it was better for my career. I was already fed up with all the work I was putting in, just to be ripped to shreds because, okay, yeah I was hung over (sorry Roper) when I wrote the story, but it wasn’t that bad.

I didn’t take her advice and, for about a year, I dropped off the face of The Hatchet, unsure if I would ever see it again.

Some may think I would regret it if I had stayed on the path I was on. Who knows, maybe I’d be in Byers’ place, editor in chief. But I’m so glad I chose the path I did because I feel so lucky that I got to do more in college than most Hatcheters do. The Hatchet has shaped my senior year in ways I never imagined and honestly can’t describe in 30 inches.

And when I had my awkward Skype interview for the job with Byers and Scire while still studying abroad, I knew the last piece of my college-life puzzle was coming together. I was going to be an editor.

Little did I know what would await me.

I started as Life editor and have since become Metro News editor. And although the change nearly robbed me of my sanity and probably docked a few grades, I am again so lucky because I got to do more than most get to do.

I learned and I taught. I succeeded with flying colors and I failed miserably. I kept my personal life quiet and let it out for everyone to hear. I wanted to quit five times and never wanted to leave 10 more.

And truly, the situation I’m in as I write this is perfect. Its 12:16 a.m. This was supposed to be due at 9 p.m., but instead I spent two hours cutting 30 inches from a 60-inch story. I’m missing one story from a writer, and I still need to write another, but I can’t because a source has yet to get back to me, even though I asked her questions more than a week a go. And earlier today I was covering Vice President Biden speaking at the Smith Center. Typical.

Now the fun part.

Sigma Kappa – Especially PC 06 and La Famille – thank you for always accepting who I am, despite how nerdy/Jewish grandmother I may be. I always felt like I wasn’t cool enough to hang out with you girls, but for some reason I’m always included. I’ve had my ups and downs with all of you, but in the end I am blown away by how much you have all truly become my sisters. Sigma Kappa truly shaped my college experience and gave me skills I know I will use for years to come. One heart, One way.

Michelle, Rist, Max, Miranda, Anna Storm, Rachel Lee, Chris, Erica, Connor – you guys are all so talented and will do such great things in the years to come. I’m excited to be an awkward graduate student and pop in to see what’s up.

Rachel Wallace – I like that I’m still scared of you because you’re so cool.

Nacin – Remember that random dinner we had together at Lindy’s? That was fun.

Justin – You saved my life in international business. Thanks for always being there to hear me vent.

Amanda D. – Thanks for sharing human resources with me and for being the sweetest girl on staff.

Amy – You are and will be a better Metro News editor than I am. Don’t underestimate your own abilities; you are so good.

Cahn – You are this ball of fire and I admire your drive, your passion and your absolute insanity.

French – I’m so proud of you and even though you’re two years younger than me I, for some reason, find myself asking you for advice all the time. You will kick ass.

Viktors – Thanks for letting me call you Vicky and actually answering to it. I like your tight yellow shirts.

Tim – While you weird me out less than you used to, I sometimes want to grab you and inject you with some kind of sedation medicine. But, we are quite alike in that aspect. You care so much about everything, not just the organization, but the people behind the stories. I still don’t really understand what you do but I’m glad we pay you for something.

Dan – Not gonna lie, I did have a little crush on you in the beginning of the year (like everyone else) but sorry, it wore off real quick. Thank you for coming up with half of my headlines, being hilarious, and letting me hang out with your friends. You are so talented, but so fun that instead of being jealous of all your success, I just want you to have it all.

Byers – Of all the things The Hatchet has brought to me this year, I can honestly say my relationship with you is one of the best. I loved just hiding in your office and bothering you with random questions and thoughts when I knew you weren’t listening. I truly value our friendship. Plan on me continuously bugging you forever.

Scire – Our relationship has a weird dynamic. You’re my superior in some aspects; I’m your superior in others. I don’t know how many times I would work at your desk and laugh at all the random pictures of pandas saved to your desktop and use the sewing machine as a footrest. I’m still scared of you but you make me laugh and your passion for the success of the paper over your own is ridiculous.

My parents and Mikhal – I love you. You are the real reason behind any success I may have. – 30 –

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