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Three alumni join Board of Trustees
By Hannah Marr, News Editor • June 21, 2024

Letters to the Editor

Nudity not the only thing about “Hair”

The article about nudity in “Hair” (Dec. 10, p. 1) was propaganda. The writers clearly cared much more about shock appeal and controversy than real news. Anyone who saw the show understood there was meaning behind the nudity (which was very brief and dimly lit) and did not walk away from it with the pornographic view that the newspaper portrayed. It was extremely poor journalism and it put an unfortunate blemish on an otherwise successful and powerful play.

Colby Katz-Lapides, Junior

Age doesn’t invalidate opinion

So for two straight issues I have listened to people whine about the journalist, who is an opinion writer, who wrote a column about grad school (Dec. 3, p. 4). Guess what? Just because he is a freshman doesn’t mean his opinion on the choice to attend grad school is any less poignant. I have been out of school for four and a half years now and I think that undergrad juniors don’t know what they are talking about, so for you to judge this kid on writing a piece on something he has yet to experience is very hypocritical.

Just because you are two years closer than him to making that decision does not make your opinion more valid than his. Theoretically, by your logic, I should trump the undergrads who say that grad school is necessary because I have more “real world” work/professional experience. His job is to write about things he has an opinion on and the paper’s job is to print it. If you think his opinion is invalid solely because he is a freshman, then I say call me when you graduate; maybe then you will have enough time in the real world to tell me what’s right.

Richard Gendreau, Alumnus

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