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Getting the gifts that won’t be regifted

Get personal with your gifts this holiday season. Instead of buying your friends generic gifts that they will probably regift or return, buy gifts that fit their personality and style. This year, take this handy guide that breaks down the classic types of friends that run in your circle and pinpoints gifts that they will gush over. To make it even easier you can find all these gift ideas online! So log on to Resnet and start clicking away. Your holiday shopping will be done in a few clicks, and then you can bask in your shopping achievements with a cup of eggnog or a stack of potato pancakes.


This is the friend who has gone ga-ga over green. They give you the evil eye when you trash a water bottle instead of recycling it. They only buy organic food and anything that may hurt Mother Earth is a definite no-no. Lucky for you, your tree-hugging friend is not alone. There is a whole culture of conservationists and several Web sites provide a flurry of green gifts.

Your tree-hugger also likes to listen to music and is in love with their ipod. Get them a Jimi iPod Nano case. It’s made from 100 percent recycled polycarbonate, which is impact-resistant plastic. It comes in six bright colors, including neon green! Also, 1 percent of profits go back to the environment through a charitable organization.

Long walks on the beach are this friend’s favorite pastime. Remind them of their sandy, sunset memories with this jewelry made from recycled plastic found on the shores of different beaches. The plastic is converted into colorful beads and buttons that are strung together in interesting patterns. Most of the jewelry tends to be bright blues, greens, and purples to go along with the beach theme.


Mr. or Ms. Sportsipedia knows everything about sports, the stats, the rules and even the players’ nicknames. They are at almost every GW basketball game, love the smell of football jerseys in the morning and know the recipe for a perfect curveball. Get them something that spices up their sports knowledge this holiday season.

If they are not only a sports fan, but also play sports, find a photo of them making that slam dunk or kicking the soccer ball into the goal to make the winning point and head to this Web site that converts high-resolution photos into posters. After they get this gift they can hang themselves alongside their posters of cyclist Lance Armstrong or Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

For the football fan that always sides with a certain player get them their favorite jersey.

Sweet tooth

This friend is in love with chocolate, candy and anything with lots of sugar. Rather than just pulling a lame date move and grabbing them a box of chocolates, get creative with your sweets.

M&Ms are the candy that melts in your mouth and not in your hands, but this holiday season, your friend’s name can be plastered on these sweet candy-covered chocolates. Just think of a cute saying or type in their names and voila!

Go beyond the contemporary candies and get a blast from the past. Buy your friend a box of retro candies, such as the 80’s favorite Abba Zabbas or a tub of Bazooka bubble gum.

Rock star

This is the friend that is all about the music. They wear the big headphones and frequent the Black Cat and 9:30 Club. Get them gifts this season that mirror their love of guitar riffs but with a twist.

An homage to the audio, this jewelry line flips the image of your classic music devices on its head. Pick up a necklace with a Sony Walkman cassette player, iPod, boom box or speakers charm strung on a chain. Each piece is molded from 18K gold and platinum and are custom-made. You can find them at Complete Techniquie, where the name says it all.

There’s tons of new music out there, and your friend wants to listen to it all but is strapped for cash. Rather than letting them turn to one of those illegal download sites, get them an iTunes gift certificate. They’ll be rocking out in no time.

Movie buff

This friend heads to Georgetown Loews theater at least twice a week and keeps an armful of DVDs on hand at all times. Upgrade their love of movies with these great gifts.

Let your friend test their knowledge of all things DVD. Get them one of the Scene It games. They range from Harry Potter to James Bond.

Your friend has seen a lot of movies, but there’s no way they have watched all of these 1,001 movies that you should see before your die. Get them the book “1001 Movies to See Before You Die” to help them satisfy their movie cravings.

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