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So you’re under 21… but you can still put the “ill” in illegal

New town, new people, new places, new rules. You’ve made it to Colonial Inauguration and now there’s nothing more valuable than choosing the perfect venue to kick-start your college careers, friendships, and relationships. No ID? No problem. Grab that strange new roommate or friend and check out our picks for the G-Dubber’s local scene.

For the Booty Shaker

While you will never get the chance to grace the dance floor of Lulu’s (ask your CI leader about the late New Orleans-inspired club), there are several 18 and older venues in close proximity to GW. Get down and dirty with your bad self at dance clubs like Karma, MCCXXII, Andalu, Platinum, Fur, Home, Love, Pearl and any other single syllable word that references something posh. These are great places to socialize and premier that booty dance that you’ve practiced in your mirror the past three weeks.

For the Tourist

One of the best things about Washington is that there is no excuse to ever be bored. Independence Avenue is bursting with museums showcasing history, heritage, art, science and progression. It’s really in your best interest to visit them all, but if you can only venture to a few then check out the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. The unique architecture of this contemporary art museum and the incredible versatility of the work inside culminate a pretentious-free atmosphere for those who enjoy observing artists that test the boundaries of their field.

If you are feeling a little devious, make a getaway to the Spy Museum. This expanding site walks you through the history of organizations such as the CIA and the NSA. Secret passageways and spy tactics make the trip all the more fun.

If you’d rather save your cash for booze, take a walk to the National Mall and just enjoy all of the neoclassical architecture and memorials that make D.C. so beautiful. For all those years that you studied where the power of our government lies, take the opportunity to experience Capitol Hill, the Treasury Building, the White House, the Supreme Court and the monuments. It’s not every day that you can appreciate and walk the path of some of our country’s finest figures.

For the Rebel

Now I’m not suggesting that you try this, or even insinuating that the following bars will actually let you in, but if you have say an older, legal sibling who looks freakishly like you and is willing to give you their ID, then maybe you could wander over to areas in Georgetown, Adams Morgan or Dupont Circle. GW students flock to these bars in search of drink specials and recognizable faces.

Definitely steer clear of places such as McFadden’s on Pennsylvania Ave. because you will get caught and cuffed for using that fake ID that you swore could survive under a black light and looks, well, close enough to you (plus or minus five inches.)

For the Nature guru

Despite the fact you are now living the urban life, D.C. actually has some really close adventure hotspots. A ten-minute walk into Georgetown and you can easily veer off onto the C&O canal, where nature enthusiasts alike come together to bike, hike, run or just enjoy the outdoors. Or to get a closer look at the murky but beautiful Potomac River, the same path can take you to a kayak rental shop and picnic area.

Founded in 1890, Rock Creek Park in Washington is a stunning area with trails crossing through deep woodlands and alongside serene brooks and gardens. The path is perfect for a morning run, afternoon bike and anytime graze. You may even bump into D.C.’s mayor Adrian Fenty, who enjoys a daily run in the park.

With this great city ahead of you, don’t make the same mistake so many others do by going to the same club every weekend. Get up, go out and do something. Explore D.C. – find the nooks and crannies that make it so special and personal. Take in the culture and history that are so vital to the existence of this diverse city. There is always something, no matter your age, that you can be a part of.

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