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Wine bar on 2200 Penn opens doors
By Ella Mitchell, Contributing News Editor • June 14, 2024

WEB EXTRA: Rise of Taj soundtrack

I haven’t seen the movie, but the soundtrack to The Rise of Taj made it onto my iPod. Though a lot of it consists of nasal whining into your ear about rejection, it is surprisingly entertaining and it will fit quick snugly into a college movie.

“Get Steady” by Jonny Lives is the first track “I’m ready, I’m ready, get steady, get steady”. In an interview, Jonny Dubowski explained that “it’s great to write songs that are darker. but also to create songs that lift you up out of your mundane week.” The song is undeniably peppy, pleasant and uninteresting- perfect for an opening scene on a college campus. It already sounds overplayed so you are sure to hear more of it on the radio.

Everclear’s “Hater” is off of their most recent release “Welcome to the Drama Club”. Art Alexakis, Everclear’s lead singer/song writer, explained that his song is about “hate for hate’s sake” which is why it fit into a movie about rejection. His new album “is basically a study of someone going through the different phases of heartache.” The tune itself is mellow enough to be depressing but exciting enough to bob your head to. But forget mouthing the lyrics. “I don’t like the mean and vindictive things you do. It makes me want to hate on you”. Is he being serious? If you pay attention to what Alexakis is saying you will be hurdled into the twilight zone, where a 40-something musician tries to identify with you, a 20 year old college student, in an endless string of clich?s. ” I don’t want to fight you in this tug of war… hater, hater I don’t want to be with a hater like you anymore no-oh… I don’t want to play this game… no.” Hopefully you can revel in the irony of the lyrics and move on to the better stuff or just ignore them and enjoy the music.

The Lashes “pop song” is perfect for a film montage or the opening credits to a Sitcom pilot. (Think “Friends.”) “Pop song” has a short catchy refrain that can be spliced and quickly remembered. It obviously fits into a college movie and it’s also the one song you might take home with you.

By far, the most exciting song on the disc is “The Ugly Truth”. It’s similar to the classic rock that you expect to hear at a dive bar except, it’s by Hanson. Yes, Hanson- the “Mmmmbop” boys. But as Art Alexakis kindly said, “those guys are good, man. They have to live down the sitgma of becoming really famous because their middle brother is cute.” You can put this song on your iPod under a different artist.

But would it be a college movie without beer? I think not. Enter The Tossers with “Buckets of Beer.” It’s a fast paced Irish knock off that you can flip your cup to. Just make sure your player isn’t on repeat or you might have to “Get Steady” again.

Now, I wouldn’t rush out and buy the disc if Tower wasn’t going out of business. But it is, so maybe you can find a deal.

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