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Lamar A. Thorpe: Georgetown sucks, let’s prove it

Of all the stories printed in The Hatchet this year, one continues to stick out in my mind: “Georgetown rejects?” (Sept. 6, p. 1). Though the article was printed an entire semester ago, I can’t get it out of my head.

For those Colonials who don’t remember, the news article told the treacherous tale of two former members of the GW community who – like two modern-day Benedict Arnolds – betrayed the buff and blue by transferring to Georgetown University.

Naturally, this twosome had their reasons for this act of treason. One explained that her decision was based “solely on academics” while the other admitted that, “In the back of my mind, I think I always wanted to go to (Georgetown).” Forgive me if I seem crass, but those aren’t very good reasons.

Apparently, these students don’t see The George Washington University the same way I do. In my eyes, GW isn’t just any university; it’s an exceptional university. Our school is not only an internationally renowned institution of higher learning, it’s also internationally recognized as the premier academic location for politically-minded young men and women who aspire to change the world.

Georgetown, on the other hand, is nothing more than an ivory tower sitting idly in a remote corner of this wonderful city. By contrast, our Ivory Tower sits only a short walk away from the White House and the National Mall. When Colonials choose to pursue internship opportunities at places such as the U.S. Congress, they don’t have to take a shuttle to the nearest Metro stop. We simply walk to the first Metro stop in the District of Columbia, none other than the blue line’s GWU-Foggy Bottom stop. Make no mistake- there is a firm Colonial connection to this powerful town.

We are also firmly connected to this country’s past, present and future. Let’s not forget that GW was founded by an act of Congress in 1821. Today, our University hosts an open and vital public dialog on the direction of America. Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts, conservative commentator Ann Coulter, comedian Jon Stewart, presidential candidate John Kerry, vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp, Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Sen. Ted Kennedy are just few present-day movers and shakers to recently pay a visit to the Colonial community. In addition to facilitating an important conversation on current events, GW alumni and students are shaping America’s future. Our university is one of the top five contributors of Peace Corps volunteers, and campus liberals are looking forward to GW alumnus Mark Warner’s 2008 presidential bid.

So excuse me if I seem a little confused by this pair’s decision to join the Hoyas. I’m sure the two new Hoyas and their peers love to pretend that their school overshadows our incredible institution. But last time I checked, the Colonials dominate Georgetown in the NCAA basketball polls. While we sit high at No. 6 in the nation, the Hoyas sit fatally close to the bottom rung of the top 25. As cute as their false sense of superiority is, somebody has to check ’em – and check ’em hard.

I can’t think of anyone better suited to slap the Hoyas around the Beltway than our men’s basketball team. That’s why I’m leading a march to the gates of Georgetown to respectfully and peacefully demand that those cowardly Hoyas come out of hiding to play a game. If you’re as tired of Georgetown’s attitude as I am, you should come too. Show your Colonial pride. Sing the GW Fight Song. Wear your favorite G-Dub shirt. And let’s get a game with those overconfident and overrated Hoyas.

We will meet in Kogan Plaza on Saturday at 1 p.m. From there, we will march to Georgetown and demand that they play our sixth-ranked Colonials men’s basketball team next season. Be sure to bring all your friends! This is history in the making.

Let’s “Raise high the buff! Raise high the blue!”

-The writer is a junior double majoring in women’s studies and sociology.

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