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Tyler Hahn: Cultists on our campus

The cultists are at our door and they make no attempt to hide themselves. They stand on the sidewalk distributing pamphlets and booklets with such titles as “Soldiers of Satan” and “Earth’s Next Fifty Years.” They are the recruiters and propagators of the conspiracies, hate and demagoguery of Lyndon LaRouche. Beware.

The LaRouchites draw in unsuspecting passersby with warnings of an impending U.S. invasion and war against Iran, at the behest, of course, of the children and soldiers of Satan (i.e. Bush, Cheney, Jimmy Carter, George Soros, etc.). I, ever the diligent democrat, saw the signs and blatant propaganda, and decided to debate the fools. Predictably, they had no semblance of evidence or proof of this attack, and could only mutter “contingency plan” and posit ambiguous analogical “connections” and doomsday scenarios. What struck me about them and their arguments was not their fanaticism and logical inconsistency, but that they intimated a larger, more sinister plot.

Lyndon LaRouche, an economist, former presidential candidate, convicted felon and cult leader, has written extensive philosophical, economic, political and conspiratorial works. His thousands of pages of writing often read like the incoherent ramblings of a drunken paranoid-schizophrenic vagrant, but one can basically summarize his arguments by reviewing the LaRouche PAC literature and the talking points of his lackeys.

According to LaRouche, the world is quickly racing toward an imminent economic apocalypse, which is the result of the economic treachery of the “synarchist elite.” Parallel to this detrimental economic regression is the decline and manipulation of civilization and human cognition (specifically our ability to create). Very basically, the “synarchist elite” manipulate and deceive civilization and the world economy in an attempt to capitalize off of perpetual war and destruction.

Just who are the “synarchist elite?” The answer to this question varies from LaRouchite to LaRouchite, and whether one is speaking in a historical or contemporary context, but it generally reduces to three main groups: the descendants of British royalty and elites, the decedents of Venetian bankers and, of course, the Jews. These three groups have for centuries undermined the financial markets. With the abandonment of the Bretton Woods monetary system and subsequent adoption of the floating currency, the synarchists rose to an unprecedented level of power and control. Through their enormous but hidden power, the synarchists control and dictate the course of the world economy and politics. LaRouche argues that the politicians, corporate leaders and other lower-level elites are at the control of the synarchists, knowingly and unknowingly. For example, the “soldiers and children of Satan” launched the war in Iraq at the synarchists’ command.

LaRouche believes the elites have attempted to destroy the Westphalian (sovereign and independent) state. We, apparently, are headed toward a new world order, and one world government. He and his GW campus representatives demand a strong and isolationist state, central control over the economy and a return to “classical” Euro-centric culture, to replace the immoral and insane culture in which we currently find ourselves. They demand a populist-revolution with enlightened, committed vanguards leading the way. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, we have fascists on our campus.

Why is LaRouche PAC a cult, do you ask? Let’s go down the list. LaRouche is a very charismatic leader; he’d have to be to have recruited two Jews as his top aides while simultaneously refusing to write holocaust without quotation marks around it, maintaining that half a million Jews were killed in the “holocaust,” denying the existence of death camps and making statements like, “Jewish culture … is merely the residue left to the Jewish home after everything saleable has been marketed to the Goyim.” The LaRouchites have an unquestioning commitment to their leader, and look to him for their “truth” of reality – just ask them. LaRouche controls even the most personal details of his followers’ lives – he has written numerous papers linking sexual impotency to political and organizational ineffectiveness, and demands “performance” of his members. Members are demanded to devote inordinate amounts of time to their work with the group – many are jobless and drop out of school to join.

I consider my nearly four hours of debate with various LaRouchites among the strangest and eeriest of my life. The absolute, unreasoned conviction LaRouchites have to their anti-Semitic leader, his ideas and their implementation scares me. I want the cultists off our campus.

-The writer, a sophomore majoring in Middle Eastern studies, is a Hatchet columnist.

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