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By Max Porter, Contributing News Editor • February 15, 2024

Van Donovan: Student bites Oreo

“Student bites cop.”

We all saw this headline in The Hatchet (Sept. 15, p. 1). When I read the article, it came as no surprise to me and other Hatchet readers that this girl was drunk when she did this.

In a recent edition of The Hatchet, the Crime Log (Sept. 22, p. 6) details the exploits of another drunken student who was caught vandalizing the campus. When a UPD officer addressed him about this, the student proceeded to shove the officer.

Such drunken antics are not uncommon around the GW campus. As an avid reader of The Hatchet’s Crime Log, I can say with some certainty that there is, without fail, at least one reference to some sort of drunken stupidity in each and every issue. I have not, however, once read a case of such absurd exploits by a person under the influence of marijuana.

Yet, the University continues to take a very relaxed policy on alcohol violations relative to the dire consequences that are standard protocol for marijuana violations. One marijuana violation is likely to result in the loss of housing, while I have friends who have been written up multiple times for alcohol – with little to no real consequences. I am not suggesting that CLLC take a tougher stance on alcohol violations, I am simply suggesting that they reevaluate the clear disparity between the crime and the punishment for marijuana violations.

As someone with some experience in this subject, I notice that when I get high I certainly don’t stroll around the campus vandalizing and biting UPD officers. I prefer to bite Oreos, watch independent movies, read thought-provoking books – or even write. As a matter of fact, I am high right now , and I have decided to spend my time writing on an issue about which I feel strongly. I surely can’t imagine a student five shots deep sitting down to write. There is a clear injustice on this campus, and my fellow bud smokers and I – who often choose the peaceful alternative of marijuana over alcohol – should be commended on such a wise and often mind-enhancing choice, not punished.

Blaze on, GW.

-The writer is a sophomore majoring business economics and public policy.

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