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Letters to the Editor

Bush or America

In Gary Livacari’s Hatchet column (“Kerry doesn’t get it,” Sept. 7, p. 4), we can see the dogmatic and divisive rhetoric that has created such a terrible divide in this country. Rather than engaging in legitimate forms of political debate, George W. Bush and his allies on the right would prefer to question John Kerry’s ability to occupy the position of commander-in-chief. This is dangerous ground in a democratic society – the question must be whether or not we would vote for Kerry’s policies, not whether or not he has the appropriate qualifications. Surely if we concede that the former Governor of Texas had adequate qualifications without any prior experience in the field of international relations, we can give John Kerry the benefit of the doubt as a decorated combat veteran.

Today’s neoconservative movement – and neoconservative youth in particular – are not interested in any legitimate exchange of democratic ideas. They seek an utter transformation of this country; a transformation that will stem from the abuse of September 11 as a political device. George Bush and his indoctrinated youth brigade seek a government perpetuated by fear, without regard to basic human rights of the rule of law. Given four more years and another puppet on the nation’s highest court, they will succeed in this transformation and radically alter our fundamental notions of America.

Our generation faces a difficult and indeed historically monumental question. Will we raise the bloody banner of September 11 along with George Bush, forcing aside all legitimate dissent as we wage a world war against all who disagree? Will we amend our constitution to appease the religious fundamentalists inside this nation? In November, there will not be a question of George Bush or John Kerry. There is simply a question of George Bush or America.

-Clair Viglione

Be responsible

The University recently created new Ivory Tower policies resulting from recent vandalism in the building. This vandalism should be troubling to the entire student body; however the consequences should only affect those involved in the incidents. As the Residence Hall Association, we represent the student body living on campus, aiming to protect their wishes and needs. We hope to work with the University to find a policy that will punish those responsible. The Residence Hall Association wants to assure that the privileges the upperclassmen residents living in Ivory Tower enjoy are protected. However, continuing acts of vandalism will not only jeopardize the freedom those in Ivory Tower enjoy, but the will have larger repercussions across campus.

The Residence Hall Association also would like to request that the students in Ivory Tower and every residence hall refrain from such acts of vandalism in the future. It is our goal to represent the student body to the best of our ability. With acts such as these, the student credibility runs thin. Therefore, in order to keep in good standing with the university, keep the residence halls safe and pleasant, and help to promote fair policies, we request these acts stop.

-The Executive Board,
Residence Hall Association?

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