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Bars, Beer & Babes: My Brother’s Place

Where: 237 2nd St. N.W.
(one block west from Capitol Hill)
Prices: $12 all you can drink (Saturday)
Girls: Catholic and fresh

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

On a Saturday night deep into winter, when you’ve visited all the local spots, listened to “Living On A Prayer” at Madhatter’s 15 too many times, done the Adam’s Morgan circuit and just can’t get excited about going out anymore, it’s time you venture out to My Brother’s Place.

In two words, this bar is NOT GW. A lonely, side-street pub on Capitol Hill, My Brother’s Place attracts young would-be politicians from the Hill and students from the nearby Catholic University. Yes, the attraction for some is obvious – drunken Catholic school girls certainly pose a similarity to that video I downloaded off KaZaA a few years ago. But, beware: these coeds do not wear uniforms. Don’t let that turn you away, though, because more than the fulfillment of a lifelong fantasy will inspire you to travel across town to this haven.

For $12 (less at the discounted price), every draft on tap is yours for the drinking, assuming you can get to the bar – My Brother’s Place can get pretty crowded. And after midnight, the price dramatically drops. The music here is much the same as at most of our local hangouts, including some ’80s mix for the girls (and drunken guys) to sing to, and hip-hop for anyone drunk to freak to.

The atmosphere, on the other hand, couldn’t be more different than GW spots. I shouldn’t have to explain the benefit of a bar where nobody knows your name and you don’t know anybody else’s, despite what the song says. We get bored of seeing the same people out at the same places night after night. Not to mention that spending a night with no one you know means no one to recall the idiot you made of yourself.

And the Catholic girls can’t get enough of it! They’re just as bored as we are (don’t worry ladies, the CU guys are also bored), and what do you get when you put two bored college students and an unlimited supply of draft beer together on a Saturday night? Beer goggles that make everybody happy at the end of the night. If you don’t leave with at least one new phone number in your cell, you did something wrong.

So move over, Cheers. Between a fresh pool of students to pick from and the all-you-can-drink draft selection, who says “you want to go where everybody knows your name”? It’s a catchy tune, but honestly … Catholic schoolgirls are just so much better.

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