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Whoopi performs, disappoints

A nearly sold-out crowd at the Smith Center welcomed Whoopi Goldberg with a standing ovation on Friday night. The comedienne kicked off this year’s Colonials Weekend.

About 5,000 people attended the hour and a half-long comedy routine, including CNN correspondent Wolf Blitzer.

Goldberg opened her show by warning audiences about her crude language and voicing her opinion as to what constitutes decent terminology.

“I am warning the kids about words that I tend to use,” she said. “Words that I appreciate a lot and try to teach people with. I don’t think there are bad words. I think you should be able to say ‘fuck.’ I think ‘stupid’ is a bad word.”

Goldberg discussed her political views, addressing President George W. Bush, the California recall election, weapons of mass destruction and America’s troubles with United Nations.

“What happened to Afghanistan? Where is everybody? Where is Saddam? Child services need to look for these people,” Goldberg said.

She conducted a poll regarding the popularity of Bush, drawing minimal applause from the audience in support of him and loud cheering opposing him.

Goldberg also poked fun at the GW community.

“Every time I watch Crossfire and they say they come from GW, I never knew it was a real place,” she said.

Several in attendance said they did not agree with her political views.

“I think she did a good job playing to a wide audience of different political views,” parent Wayne Shekailo said. “I thought she was wrong, but she had something for everyone.”

Goldberg dedicated much of her routine to menopausal and female issues, including the aging process, which annoyed several audience members.

“I have a terror alert every day,” Goldberg said. “I’m menopausal. I’m terrified that I will leak because I don’t have my Depends and I’m afraid I will bite somebody for no reason. That is terror.”

Goldberg also detailed her longing for her period as a young girl, old-fashion Kotex and tampons, girdles and stockings with hooks.

Some attendees said they were not amused.

“I was disappointed,” parent Celia Becker said. “She was in rare poor form. I was expecting a more up beat presentation, but she was sedate. I also did not care for the bathroom and female humor.”

However, several of her jokes drew laughter from the audience.

“I walked past a mirror and stopped because I thought somebody was behind me,” Goldberg said. “That wasn’t nobody- that was my ass. I am being stalked by my own ass.”

At the close of the show Goldberg took questions from the audience about her new show on NBC, the possibility of a “Sister Act Three” and signed an autograph for a young girl.

Some students in attendance said they expected a better routine.

“The subjects she used were funny, but some just dragged on for way too long,” freshman Nicole Boye said.

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