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Letters to the Editor

Not so illogical

The Hatchet’s prior reporting on GW’s zoning problems has been sophisticated and knowledgeable. Your staff editorial “An Illogical Lawsuit” (May 12, p. 6), however, misses the logic of Dr. Kreuzer’s lawsuit against GW and its Superdorm.

Dr. Kreuzer moved to 600 23rd St. in 1974 when his block (known as Square 43) was entirely residential and not part of the GW Campus Plan. GW tried to have Square 43 added to the campus boundary in 1985, but the BZA refused in respect of the residential character of Square 43.

GW then bought all the residential townhomes in Square 43 except Dr. Kreuzer’s and demolished them. Having turned Square 43 into a mostly empty lot, GW then asked the BZA again in 2000 to include Square 43 in the current Campus Plan.

Square 43 was never part of the GW Campus Plan until 2001. The lawsuit calls GW’s actions in demolishing the neighborhood a fait accompli.

Is it illogical for a neighbor of GW not to want his or her home neighborhood to be gobbled up into the campus boundary? Is it illogical for that neighbor of GW not to want his or her residential block to be turned into a Superdorm?

How did that happen in Square 43?

The lawsuit alleges it happened because GW acted unfairly. A jury may decide that issue and may indeed decide that GW is liable for the $10 million punitive damages claimed in the lawsuit.

I urge your readers to follow this lawsuit, as it is likely to be an interesting lesson in democracy whatever its outcome.

-J. Michael Hannon; Attorney at Law, Thompson, O’Donnell, Markham, Norton & Hannon

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