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Letters to the editor

Don’t end alumni e-mail
I was quite disappointed to learn that our (alumni) e-mail accounts, which we were told we would have for life, would be deleted on June 2. This has been my sole e-mail address and frankly, I liked it that way. I think that the University should have discontinued the service beginning this year, but grandfathered those of us who are already alumni. Another solution would be to put alumni on a separate server. I would have no problem switching to if that was in fact a real address, but the University simply asks us to set that up as forwarding address to a generic account such as Hotmail or AOL. If we need to set up another account anyway, what is the point in having the GW address at all?

A recent Hatchet article relayed the concerns about spam on the system, but in my experience the exact opposite is true. A main reason that I want to keep my GW address is that I hardly ever receive e-mail that is unsolicited on that account. We all know that would definitely not be the case with a generic account.

I respectfully request the University to reconsider its position on this matter. I for one would not mind even paying a small fee to the University if it is a matter of cost to maintain, but this switch is going to be quite disruptive to many others and me.

-Christopher Jenkins, class of 2000

Good riddance
As a 2001 graduate I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to learn that my GW e-mail address was finally being discontinued. I have not logged onto Webmail in more than two years, but because I had set up e-mail forwarding on my account, I would continue to get e-mails from the University about matters that no longer concerned me. I repeatedly begged the information technology department to just delete my account but they said I would have to do that myself.

Unfortunately, I no longer remembered my password because they were all changed right before I graduated when the University updated their systems. No one other than GW has sent any mail to that account in a very long time and frankly, getting all those emails was really a nuisance. And by the way, I have no memory of GW promising me an address for life, so count me as one who’s finally glad to be rid of that e-mail account.

-Emily Baier, class of 2001

Take a joke
I swear that if I have to read one more whiney complaint letter about the April Fool’s edition of the GW Hatchet I am absolutely going to have to puke. I mean please, move on people. If you didn’t get that this edition of the Hatchet was a joke, as it is every year on April Fool’s day, then your life must be pretty dry and humorless. If you go on like this, you might end up like one of those co-workers in your post-graduation place of employment who everyone talks about being a tight-ass whenever they leave the office. I know that’s what I’d do if you worked in my office.

Also, to put this letter into context, I was one of the people who was made fun of in the April Fool’s edition. The Hatchet staff made fun of me and an issue that I take very seriously, safe sex. You know what I did when I read it though? I laughed. So please, go pop a Prozac and get over it. By the way, that was a joke.

-Graham Murphy, junior

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