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BAR BELLE: The authentic Irish experience is found

Kelly’s Irish Times
Where: 14 F St., NW
Dress: Slinky sleeveless or slobby t-shirt, you’ll have fun either way
Cover: None
Carded: At the door
Belle Rating: 5 Bells

M STREET, 12 a.m. – Friday night, for the fourth time in one week, I found myself trapped inside Madhatter. Thoughts of suicide consumed my brain. The music was getting worse by the minute, the med. students were getting less attractive and I was getting cranky. It was time for an enlightened executive decision. I grabbed my phone, my friend and my Coach bag and high-tailed it to a cab.

“Where to?” he asked.

“Anywhere but M Street,” I replied.

We ended up about a block from Union Station at Kelly’s Irish Times. As soon as I saw the place, which is ranked as one of USA Today’s Top 10 Irish Bars, I knew that finally I had found my Irish home away from home.

A sign above the door welcomed all patrons with the words “Give me your thirsty, you’re famished, you’re befuddled masses.” That was me – I was thirsty, for sure. I charged in, immediately finding that the stink from my busted night at Madhatter was to be replaced with fresh, drunken, Irish revelry.

By far the best Irish bar I’ve ever been to, Irish Times offers the perfect combination of cheap beer, good music and fun extras. We sat at a table on the upper level (there is also a lower level but it was closed because Catholic University students, the bar’s main patrons, were all home for Easter).

I recognized our waiter – he also works at Froggy. But like so many other things, he was cooler at Irish Times. By cooler, I mean he was sloppy drunk, hit on all my friends and gave me his apron to take home.

With Catholic students away, the crowd was mixed. I saw some GW kids there, as well as some sketchy old guys trying to scam some young tail. I don’t think the tail minded.

At 10 bucks a pitcher it didn’t take long before we were out of our seats, dancing with our waiter and other guys to Vanilla Ice, DJ Sammy and an oldie but goody, that “Boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room” song. I love that song.

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