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Less Talk, more fish-nets

The lights dim. You hear the first few tenuous chords of and you think, “No! No! It can’t be! It’s all too outrageous, too wonderful!”

The melody swells and rises. Slowly, four dancers move in synchronized motion. Three women and a tall man in drag (all clad in fishnet) dance along as Rick James’ “Superfreak” comes to a fiery climax.
This is quality entertainment, pure and simple.

If there is one thing that Cherry Red Productions delivers without fail, it’s smut. Their new production, “Coyote Woman,” lives up to the challenge set by other tasteful endeavors like “Poona the Fuckdog” and “Spamlet.”

Pretty, virginal, Janet (Jacky Reres) is obsessed with the idea of marrying Cliff (Richard Price), a clean hunk of a man who works in animal control. Cliff’s mother has recently passed away. In search of a new mommy, Cliff proposes to Janet with his mother’s ring promising her a yellow hatchback Toyota and a dinner at the Olive Garden. Janet is overjoyed.

But everything starts to go wrong when an invisible coyote attacks Janet while she is out jogging with her roommate, Debbie (Monique LaFroce).

Debbie and her gay twin brother, Mike (Joe Pidelski), provide a wonderfully wry, blonde backdrop for Janet’s hysterics and aren’t against a little partying when Janet’s inner animal begins to emerge. But even they can’t keep up with wild thing she has become.

Never, ever, for the faint of heart, “Coyote Woman” features less naked flesh than the average Cherry Red production, but it is not missed.

As the play unfolds, we see Janet, now transformed into the Coyote Woman (drag queen Lucrazia Blozia) drink, smoke and bring home a very special friend. But when even that leaves her unsatisfied, Janet forms her own little girl-gang – The Coyotes.

A 7-11 hold up and a couple of dance numbers ensue, one of which includes the creative use of the word “queef.” When was the last time you heard someone use the word “queef?”

L.A. playwright Justine Tanner (“Zombie Attack!”) wrote “Coyote Woman.” Tanner also works on the WB’s “Gilmore Girls.” Rather than exploring heart-felt relationships, this project focuses on maintaining the celebrated B-movie tradition. Crazy theatrics seem a nod to “Rocky Horror Show” and the lost Troma films of the 1980s.

If you don’t want to see a tall man in drag (and this is drag drag) write the evening’s clubbing itinerary in red lipstick on a page from the Holy Bible, this show might not be for you. However, if this doesn’t sound so bad, if, in fact, it sounds like the kind of thing you might enjoy, by all means, attend. Cherry Red will scratch your itch for depraved antics, adding a bit of perversion to your Saturday night.

“Coyote Woman” is playing through March 1.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.
Doors at 7:15 p.m.
Warehouse Next Door
1017 Seventh St., NW

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