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Glassblowing class gains popularity at GW

The Art Department’s new Glassblowing for Beginners class has gained popularity over the last year, Art Department Chair Exhippie McSellout said.

“The students are very enthusiastic about the class,” says Wesley Willis, who teaches the class. “But they are always forgetting things, like due dates.”

The class was first offered in the fall, McSellout said, and was only taken by five students, all art majors specializing in ceramics. This semester the class has 46 students, 42 of whom are “undecided” majors.

“I don’t know why it’s became so popular,” McSellout said. “I guess GW students really like glass blowing.”

The class consists of instruction and hands-on glass blowing. Each student makes about five projects of their choice throughout the semester.

“I was surprised at the variety of projects,” Willis said. “The students like blowing bubbles apparently, a lot of students make `bubblers.’ They seem to like making gifts too, many make tobacco pipes for their grandfathers.”

But not all designs have a function, Willis said.

“I encourage abstract designs,” he said. “A lot of students make tall, hollow cylinders. Some have open tops, and some are closed, with many tubes coming off them. I like the abstract ones, they show the futility of modern society, I think.”

“They’re always eating, too,” Willis said. “They begged me to let them bring `munchies’ as they call them, so I let them. They bring whole pizzas, boxes of Pop Tarts, tons of Krispy Kremes, Super Big Gulps, Funyuns and water, lots of water.”

Professor Willis also lets other students not enrolled come and watch the class.

“I think it allows others to become exposed to art,” Willis said.

“Yeah man, I’m not even in this class, I just come for ideas,” freshman Jen Hongbit said.

But not everyone is happy with the class.

“We seized 14 bongs last week, and we think they’re all made in that pothead class,” UPD officer Meanie O’Analretentive said. “These kids are making drug paraphernalia for a grade!”

However, both Willis and his students disagree.

“I don’t see how UPD thinks all this drug stuff is from my class. My students are making abstract art, not crack straws,” Willis said.

“Yeah, some crook type stole my project and made it into a bong. What the fuck? I can’t control that,” said one student arrested for bong possession who asked not to be identified.

But despite the academic rigors and police involvement, students seem to enjoy the class.

“Dude, this class is awesome,” said student Jimmy `Puff Puff’ Brown. “And we can take home and use our, uh, projects.”

Junior Scotty Brown currently has an A in the class thanks to a bubbler, a tobacco pipe, and a six-foot “abstract chimney” as he calls it.

“Yo, if all art classes are like this, then I’m Picasso or some shit,” Brown said.

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