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Students’ opinions foolish, pointless

I have had a great college experience except for one thing. There are always people in my classes who for some reason believe they are just smarter than everyone else is. They spout long speeches defending some position purposely using big words to show some sort of superior intelligence over the rest of the students. I read The Hatchet today and it was blatantly obvious some students at GW simply need to get over themselves and the idea they know more than the rest of us.

The first example comes from the fact two students were quoted as saying we should boo Mike Jarvis when we play St. John’s. Before Mike Jarvis came to Foggy Bottom, our teams were pitiful, and no one cared about GW basketball. If the NCAA tournament was the prom queen, GW was the geek in the corner. And we never danced. Jarvis changed that, brought GW national recognition and then left for a better job.

Think about a writer for a small newspaper in Connecticut. It’s a good job, and he is happy. Then the New York Times comes by with an offer for a better job and more money. Would he say no? Mike Jarvis didn’t and I don’t blame him.

Moving on, the editorial page was filled with comments that were unnecessary, unfounded or both. The first came from an unsigned editorial blasting the University for not having enough women faculty members, as we are a whopping five percent under the national average. Of course, 75 percent of the lecturers at this University are female.

I would be more than confident that the percent of female professors at this university is higher than the national average. (Ask him if we can take this out, or take it our anyway because he’s flat out wrong and we know that – it’d be a disservice to print this.) Over one and a half semesters at GW, I’ve had ten female professors and five male ones. I think it is unfair for someone to say that women do not have an equal opportunity to work for the University, as that is completely unfounded.

Then there was the story of the University Police Department catching one of America’s Most Wanted last week. That is good to hear, but did we need the editorial telling us what a great, wonderful job UPD did? The guy was standing in front of Tower Records long enough for an officer to recognize him, call backup, wait for backup and then make the arrest.

Kudos should definitely go to UPD, but let’s not give them too much credit. He can’t be that good of a criminal if he just stands on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue for that long.

And of course, the College Democrats and College Republicans decided that they should let us know how they feel about the election. There are two reasons why this annoyed me. First, no one cares. Yes, you heard me, no one cares what the College Democrats and College Republicans think except the two groups themselves. Then, in their little editorials, all they did was regurgitate information that has been spouting from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and every media outlet known to mankind. Here are two more editorials that were pointless and completely unnecessary.

Let me just say that I like this University and a good majority of the students here. But I just cannot sit here and listen to or read people’s opinions in our school newspaper that are so ridiculous and pointless that it pains me to read our own newspaper. My advice to you people is to forget about how smart you think you are and have fun. It’s college, the last four years of your childhood. Don’t waste it.
-The writer is a sophomore.

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