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A quick walk through an album of memories

After two years, many papers and some of the best times ever, I am getting ready to head back down south. In this short but memorable time at GW, many things have added to my rocking experience.

From the first day of transfer CI, sitting in the advising office (with all the other transfer students trying to get whatever classes we could), I met another student’s mom. After a brief conversation, she told me I had to meet her son. He was a fellow transfer student. She said we would get along great (although, I think she was really hitting on me, Ray!) And she was right.

Ray, from the second day of CI you have been my closest and best friend. You are a friend that I could throw down some booze with. You are a friend who I could have a good laugh with. You are a friend who I could bitch to about the bureaucracy of GW. And, of course, you are a friend who would always come along and chill while we picked up the Chicks (although, you are a dedicated pussy-whipped boyfriend to Mary). You have been there through the joys of my sister’s marriage and the tragedies of my mother’s breast cancer.

I am certainly going to miss our great chats that dealt with everything from our grandparents to the tales about BJ, nine-inch nipple girl and the Exorcist girl. You have listened patiently to my complaining about everything from the journalism department to the friggin’ cold weather. In the past two years, I was lucky to have found a great friend like you. You rock!

When talking about my friends, I couldn’t forget my girls. Deb – you rock. I will never forget the trips to Safeway, racquetball games and everything else. You have been a great friend. I mean, who else would follow my ass down a hill while I was trying to skateboard down a mountain covered with that white stuff you guys call snow. I guess I should have taken the kiddy slope first.

Jen – my “old lesbian hag.” What can I say, it was a friendship from the first day we ventured out in our scruffy clothes and unshaven bodies into a sea of black pants and clean-cut Northerners. Who can forget about the crazy Nazis that lived next door. We had a blast. I will miss you terribly next year.

Amy – From the first time I saw your cute Oregonian smile, I knew I would have you in some way! And I am sure glad that I have you as one of my closest friends. I am glad to have been there for you through some tense times. Through them all, I found that you are one of the strongest people I will ever know. There aren’t many gorgeous women who can sit down and scarf down a Friday’s fajita while looking as sexy as you. You have kept me in check and have been my cheerleader throughout everything. I will miss you like crazy, but I know you are always up for a trip down south.

I will always treasure the time we spent together. Thank you for you friendships.

Now, the rest of y’all. Well, this wouldn’t be complete if I left out the crew from JBKO, better known as the “Brothel.” You guys took this scruffy Floridian and opened your hands and hearts. You fed me. You entertained me. And most of all, you guys befriended me.

Proser, “Hey, I was born in Virginia Beach too!” Thank you for all those great chats. Dori, “You’re from Miami too!” Be brave, your hair will grow back (mine won’t) and you’ll be fabulous. Liz, you are my fiery redhead. Throughout all our spats, you know that you rock. You are a beautiful girl, no matter how many times you tell me otherwise. Sarah, what can I say, the only girl at GW who came close to making me care. Although I wish things could have been a little different, I am happy I have you as a friend.

Another thing that rocked at GW were the wonderful classes and great teachers. My time in the journalism department, although tense at times, was a great learning experience. The experience has made me stronger and more determined to succeed (although I will probably have to use spell check to do it). Professors Crowe, McAllister, May, Echave, Laurent, Keller and Folkerts – Thank you for pushing me to do better. Keep a place ready for a plaque in honor of me when I win my Pulitzer. Hey, maybe they’ll put up a gate!

While the tons of articles I wrote were interesting, nothing could top the time spent in the photo department. Professor Parrodisso, I want to thank you very much. You are a fabulous teacher. You taught me to strive for perfection. I not only learned about photography from you, I learned about life.

Professor Beverly, I wish I would have had the opportunity to take more classes with you. I greatly enjoyed studio lighting and our crazy, sex-crazed class.

Professor Lake, or should I say the all-knowing photography god. Thank you for supporting and helping me to pursue photojournalism. I guess the best way to show you all I have learned from you is to see it in full color and B&W. So, make sure you check your mail box. Heck because of you, I now look at coffee in terms of zones.

And to all the Photog. groupies who live in the back room of the photo department – each and everyone of you have added to my education. I don’t think there could have been a more intelligent and funny group of people in any department. I wish you all the best of luck and much success. I know you all will do great.

GW red tape is just as bad as the government’s. Of all the people who helped me through it, there was one women who was caring, insightful and helpful. This person is Kay Hershberger. You fielded all my frantic calls throughout the years. It is with your help that I got through GW. You deserve a lot more credit then you get. Thank you for everything.

Two years and thousands of feet of film later, I’m sad to say goodbye to The Hatchet. I owe a lot of the most exiting experiences I’ve had to the paper. From meeting the president to photographing the basketball teams in the NCAA tournaments, I did so much. Aside from the great people I met while out shooting, I met some pretty great people in the little townhouse on 22nd and G. I wouldn’t trade all the ed meetings, ethical debates, late nights and harassment about the cellophane for anything.

Becky and Dave, working for you guys has been great. I hope all my editors are as great as you both. When things got sketchy, you made the right decisions. You both are going to make fine journalists. Just keep me in mind when you guys take over The New York Times or The Washington Post.

Shruti and Kathryn, I wish you all the best. Berger, keep up your extreme dedication and nothing will stop you from getting to the top. Francesca, out of everyone at The Hatchet, you are the one that will always have all of my respect. Don’t ever give up the beliefs and values you have. Ali, even though we had some issues over work-related things, I really enjoyed knowing you and learning about “women’s issues” from you. You have enlightened me. Rich, you are just one extremely cool laid back guy. Dustin, from Connecticut to the rides to women’s soccer, I’ve enjoyed everything. You will rock next year. Helder, “sorry this is so late.” Thank you for the tons of laughs this year. Stacey, “The Hatchet Ombudswoman,” thanks for all the help proofreading my papers. You will fulfill all your dreams.

Margaret and the production staff, thanks for making my pictures look so good. You guys did a great job. Matt Besser, you are going to do great next year. You are a great photographer and a class act. Grant, Dan, Andrea and the rest of my photographers – thank you for a terrific year. Lastly, Steve – thanks for your support and help.

In the two years here, there were many more people who helped to make this place rock. I couldn’t list everyone. So, to all my fellow classmates, other professors and acquaintances from my RAs to everyone who took a minute out of their time to spell out their names for me after a picture, thank you all. You each helped to make my experience at GW rock.

Now, this really wouldn’t be complete without thanking the family and friends back home. To FOT, “Crazy White Boy” is coming home. Alex, Mike, Danny and Natalie – from middle school you all rocked hard. You’ve been there throughout it all. D
on’t worry guys, I’ll tell you about the nine-inch nipple girl when I get home.

Mom and Dad, if Michael Jackson is the king of pop, you guys are the kings of rock. Heck, I owe everything to you both. Mippy, “my little big sister,” hurry up on that master’s degree, I’m catching up! Seth, my one and only bro. I couldn’t dream of a better brother. Addie, I guess I can sum it up by saying you are also my big sister. Joel, although fairly new to this crazy family, I am glad you are part of it. And remember, my sister is the most important girl in my life besides my mom. Pop, even though you’re not around to read this, I am sure you know how much you meant to me and how much effect you had on the person I am today.

Now that this stage in my life is over, I hope that everyone I mentioned will take part in the next. You all rocked my world!

-Joshua S. Prezant will continue his pointing and shooting career down in Dixie. He also plans to take over and run The Miami Herald when no one is looking.

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