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Best spot to cry: Lerner’s squash courts

Arwen Clemens | Staff Photographer
A student wallows in a squash court in the Lerner Health and Wellness Center.

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No matter how close you may be with your roommates, there is nothing more humbling than being walked in on midcry session. 

Of all the not-so-luxurious aspects of dorm living, the lack of privacy to wallow in your homesickness or shed a tear over an exam is one of the hardest circumstances to prepare for. So, if you are looking for a private spot on campus to let out a good wail, look no further than the squash courts in the Lerner Health and Wellness Center.

Since athletics officials cut GW’s men’s and women’s squash teams in 2021, Lerner’s third- and fourth-floor courts are relatively desolate, save for the occasional use by the club squash and archery teams, whose schedules are posted on Campus Recreation’s website.

You can reserve a time slot to access one of the six courts or take advantage of the entrance and observation area outside the actual courts, which are open during Lerner’s operating hours. To avoid the risk of running into the gym bro ex you’re still torn up about when walking through the gym to get to the squash area, Staircase 3 provides direct access to the courts on the third and fourth floors.

Once in the secluded squash area on either floor, there are a plethora of seating options to begin your sob session. While the discomfort of the mini metal bleachers may enhance your negative emotions and help you get the most out of your cry, the black chairs by the windows overlooking the parking lot of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church and Amsterdam Hall are a more supportive option with a better view. The chairs sit in alcoves between walls, free from the view of the basketball court next door. There are also more nooks and crannies by the windows and corners to hunker down in if a huddled cry is more your speed.

The sound of bouncing basketballs and the opening and closing of doors separating the squash area from the gym will muffle your sobs, allowing you to weep without fear of being heard. There are even paper towels to wipe your tears and water fountains to rehydrate after crying.

If you are not afraid to face the masses with puffy and red eyes afterward, the proximity of the squash courts to South Block and the Shenkman Dining Hall amenities provide the option for a post-cry treat to heal the soul.

Lerner Health and Wellness Center is open 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and noon to 10 p.m. Sunday.

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