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Crime log: Subject barred after shoplifting at bookstore
By Max Porter, Contributing News Editor • February 26, 2024

The hits and misses at the new Campus Store

Jenna Baer
A stack of Stanley Tumblers towers over a corner of the new Campus Store.

The Campus Store finally opened its doors last week with it’s official ribbon-cutting ceremony.

But the long-awaited store is more like a mega-mall complete with everything from new GW merchandise to Stanley Cups. But not all the options in the store are as appealing as new Revolutionary merch may be, so we compiled a list of the Campus Stores’ major hits and misses:

HIT: New Dorm Essentials and Model Bed
The arguably most useful part of the Campus Store is the area in the bottom floor that sells dorm essentials. A twin bed set up near the stairs acts as a model for the store’s best GW-themed pillows and blankets. To the right of the bed, are aisles of dorm essentials ranging from snack organization containers to college medical kits.

If your Brita malfunctions or you are in need of stain remover, the new Campus Store has everything one might need for minor issues. As the store remains open longer and new items are added to this section, the Campus Store has the potential to rival the other local lifesaver on campus: CVS.

MISS: No Hippo Merch
Despite the variety in classic GW merchandise, from GW koozies to Lululemon gear, one important element is missing. Not one item in the new Campus Store pays homage to the beloved River Horse, the school’s unofficial mascot and the fan-favorite snub for GW’s moniker. (Justice for the Hippos!)

The hippo has a strong connection to student life as students rub its nose for good luck on final exams and often lovingly decorate the statue for major holidays. GW moving away from the hippo at the Campus Store is perhaps representative of its abandonment of the beloved mascot for the new Revolutionary nickname.

HIT: Cherry Blossom Merchandise
Prospective GW students flock to campus in the spring as new admit tours coincides with full cherry blossom hype in D.C. It’s only fitting that the new cherry blossom patterned merchandise reflects it.

Go full hypebeast with a pink-patterned shirt, or subtly hint at your proximity to the Tidal Basin with an off-white hat with pink accents. The new collection marries D.C. pride with school pride in stylish new options.

HIT: Self-Care Products
A never-before-seen section of the new Campus Store has a variety of self-care productions from District Batch, a D.C. and female-founded skincare company. This section of the store located just to the right upon entering displays clay masks, lip balm, face tonic and charcoal face soap, among other items. Students can use their GWorld to purchase these items, an advantage the former Campus Store did not offer.

By selling self-care products and promoting D.C. companies, GW is prioritizing its students’ personal care and local businesses. The GW Campus Store should partner with more District-made products to support local businesses.

MISS: Stanley Cups
The store also tries to hop on the Stanley Tumbler trend. It offers an array of unnecessarily large water bottles to choose from but fails to provide them in the appropriate GW colors and none of them have a GW logo — nothing says school spirit like green and gray Stanley Tumblers that don’t match GW’s signature buff and blue.

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