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Nuria Diaz: The Messi-est of editors

Auden Yurman | Senior Photo Editor

Each year, graduating editors are given 30 final column inches — “30” was historically used to signify the end of a story — to reflect on their time at The Hatchet, published in the final issues of the year.

It’s so difficult to summarize four years of your life from the heartaches to the joys that one organization has brought, but every stage of our life deserves a farewell.

I joined the Hatchet back in freshman year when COVID-19 forced me to start college in my childhood bedroom, boring right? I knew I wanted to be a journalist, but sports? No, that could never be me! I grew up playing too many sports, looking to follow in the footsteps of my dad and play in a team throughout high school.

As my friends know, these were very hard aspirations for me, I can’t even run for more than 10 minutes. When signing up, I accidentally clicked on the sports section tab. I like to think it was destiny making that decision for me as I got emailed to take part in the orientation. After much convincing from my friends and family, I joined the section, which I would later on lead into a new era post-COVID.

I still remember some very sensible words which to this day motivate me: “If you can’t do it, you can write about it,” words of wisdom from my first sports editor. Throughout my time at The Hatchet, I met so many amazing people, I made mistakes, I wrote way too many articles, I cried, I laughed and I learned.

At some point, The Hatchet became very difficult for me to continue working on with the overwhelming need to cover every single sport in the 2022-23 season, the constant sleepless nights and the tragedy that took all my sense of appreciation away from the paper.

Now, after taking a break for a semester, I look back and realize I would do it all over again.

From the afternoons spent watching D.C. United playing and immortalizing the 2021-2022 sports section in the tiny-but-heartfelt picture on the sports desk (sorry copy, that’s our desk) to the late-night skating with the news team, as some of us protested being on ice. I’ll forever miss the family I had the chance to make with this paper.

There are many things I wish I could redo but I’m grateful for everyone who let me tell their stories, who took time to answer my many questions, and who sought to contribute to help us become a better section.

I’m so grateful I got to discover my passion for sports and see the reality of what being a woman in the sports industry really is. There’s a lot unsaid about the experience women journalists have to face to be seen or heard as an equal to men. The men in this world seek to constantly undermine female colleagues, especially on social media, and it’s a sad reality.

Rebuilding the sports section has been my proudest task and I’m so happy to see it continue to flourish under new leadership.

Here is to all the people who have supported me throughout this time:

Luke: There are so many things I wish I had a chance to say. You were the best partner a girl could ever ask for, from answering my text immediately to always taking on articles to gain a few extra hours of sleep. I’ll never forget how you offered to help me edit the basketball guide when you heard that I hadn’t slept in two days. You were always looking for the best in everyone, alleviating tensions when people wanted to tear us down. I know you can’t really read this but I miss you every day and I’m so grateful I got to meet you and be your friend, even if I wish it was a longer time. I still hear you say “Hello folks” every time I walk into a room. I’ll always cherish our memories together and respect golf as an actual sport after your lectures on how the sport isn’t just for old men.

Ishani: The sister The Hatchet gave me. We’ve been friends for so long that I forget that we met online after a certain editor thought we would be besties. I’m so happy I got to meet you and have you as a roommate, I especially miss going into your room when I’m bored to annoy you. This past year you were an amazing friend always making me laugh and telling me to ignore problems that I couldn’t personally fix. From covering academics to forcing you to watch fútbol games, you have never once failed to be a great friend. I’m always amazed by all your work and accomplishments, especially in the professional sphere. I’m so excited to see the amazing career you will have and see you become a foreign correspondent.

Maura: If there was ever a person I thought I was destined to meet, it’s you. From picking a random easy-going UW class to being your AMC partner. We’ve had such amazing moments and I’m so happy I’ve had the opportunity to share these past years with you. I’m so happy I got you to join The Hatchet because seeing all your artsy skills being put to use has been the highlight of my long Sunday nights. Though we were separated this semester, I feel that we have lived so much together and put up with so many challenges. You are one of the only people who understand my jokes and go along with my dumb plans. I’m so excited to see you take on the health world and be the next Fauci. Famously you are now considered part of my family and you won’t be getting rid of me anytime soon bio anthro nerd.

Auden Yurman | Senior Photo Editor

Sandra and Ben: I wish I had you all join the section way earlier because you all really helped with so many articles and were always great reporters! I loved reading your work and seeing how you sought to learn so much more about the players rather than a superficial article to just fill the pages. Through basketball season you all were my lifeline — I genuinely enjoyed seeing you all covering and checking in to make sure everything was going well. I’m so proud to see how both of you have stepped up in the paper after certain circumstances led to a fast switch before I left.

Gabe and Sunit: You both were amazing to have in the sports section, from taking on as many game blogs as possible to always showing up to the section meetings. I know things at the end became a bit tough with everything going on but I’ll always appreciate all the support you gave me. I loved being able to joke around during section meetings and seeing how creative you were with your articles. I’m excited to see what else you do in the future and I’ll always be a fan!

Shea and Nikki: My favorite juniors (though you will always be my sophomores), I’m so happy to see all the growth you have done in the paper. This summer I was so happy I got to get to know you both more and see what your passions are. I love all the work you have both put into the paper and I can’t wait to see what you do senior year. I feel like you’re both my younger sisters in the paper and I’ll always be here whenever you need me. You have brought new energy and love to this paper and I can’t imagine it without you. Shea, you are literally the light of this paper, always making everyone feel better and making us laugh. I’m so happy I got to meet you and become your friend! I’m so excited to see you grow and take on a leadership role. Nikki, you constantly blow me away with your ideas, covering the stories that no one dares to talk about. You are one of the most talented journalists I know, and you are gonna be such a great journalist. I’m waiting patiently for that Pulitzer.

Ethan Benn: Last year was a journey for both of us, we were getting used to being moved into a higher position and struggling to grow our section. I’ll always remember our late nights in the townhouse when we both ranted about the struggles of the week and annoyed Amanda with our recap mess-ups. You are the greatest advice-giver I know and have so much knowledge to share with all of us!

Nick P and Zach: You both were always so on top of things it was scary, cause I do not know how you pulled together so many ambitious stories every weekend I was always in awe. I’m so grateful you both always gave me advice and tried to support me (even getting into Twitter beef to defend sports). I’m so happy to have worked with both of you and seen you climb to the top of the newspaper with your hard work. I’m also forever grateful for all the support you gave throughout this year when life seemed to give me the hardest challenge yet, always checking in on me to make sure I was okay. You bet I’ll be following your careers in the future!

Jaden: I’m so grateful to have you as ME during my time as sports editor, there were so many times where you would step up to help me edit and rally the sports section into shape. I really enjoyed getting to know you even though I had beef with you freshman year after you said your least favorite section was sports. All is well now and I’m so happy I got to meet you and call you a friend.

Izzy, Grace, Nicholas, Auden, and Jordyn: Design and photography have to be the most underrated sections. I’ve seen you all pull together masterpieces in mere hours. I’m so happy I got to make two basketball guides with you all and that I got to know you in a more personal manner. Jordyn, you have been the best photo editor I could’ve ever asked for, always bringing in new perspectives and ideas into the section leaving me so impressed.

Amanda: I miss having you come into the basement to ask me to film the sports section recap, you always made every one of us feel like a star. You have been such a light for the paper and the best basement advocate! I miss gossiping with you and being crazy to distract Ethan.

Isha: If such a thing as a newsroom mother existed, that would be you; you literally raised a whole generation of Hatchet reporters. You are such a great mentor and amazing reporter that your legacy at The Hatchet will exist forever (I don’t think anyone can beat your byline #).

Lauren, Tiffany, Sarah, Clara: The seniors, I don’t know how you all always made everything look so easy even when things went into disaster. I am so in awe of how you pulled everything together while making sure we the youngest were always taken care of. I’m so happy I got to share time with all of you!

Jarrod: EIC bestie, I have to say the first time we met after you were selected as EIC I was so nervous and intimidated but I’m so glad we had the chance to become friends after the whirlwind that is the sports section. You had so much patience with the constant change of plans in sports and I literally can’t imagine how you got everything done so smoothly (without ever complaining I’ll add). I miss being able to talk about the Red Sox or the World Series in your then-office as we waited for everyone to show up to budget. I’m so happy I had a chance to learn more from you as both a writer and editor and I’m so excited to see you continue to build your career. Also, King, thank you for those front pages — sports finally won the war as the favorite section.

Emily Maise and Roman: I’m so impressed with both of you, I thought it was a breeze to be a sports editor because you both made it seem so effortless. You both always believed in me even when I didn’t and for that, I am so grateful. Emily, you really got me to join a section I thought I would hate and become its editor, and knowing how you kept things calm when it got bad, law school is gonna be a breeze! Roman, you have always been such a good writer and have taught me so much. I’m looking forward to seeing your book in the best-seller section!

Lia: The other Boricua on staff, I’m so happy I had the chance to work with you even if it was for a smaller amount of time than the rest of the staff. You always let the sports section gain more ground on the paper and were always open to hearing my unconventional ideas. I miss discussing our favorite Bad Bunny songs and joking around with you when things became too stressful.

Sports writers: I will always appreciate all the work and dedication you put into making our section thrive under duress. Special thanks to Owen for being a great writer and checking in on us editors when we were struggling. I miss you all!

Athletic Department: We had our ups and downs but I’m grateful you would always be open to making our stories a reality. Thank you for letting me take a different perspective on what GW sports mean and making it a reality. It’s been amazing to see the growth the department has gone through after COVID depleted school spirit.

Friends and Family

Alejandra: There’s so much to say about our friendship, sometimes I think you’re the only person who will fully understand me — after all we’re both women in sports. Who would’ve thought that a Spanish broadcast would make us become so close? From asking me to join your podcast, sharing our fútbol obsession and being able to bring home through our culture in GW. I screamed when you told me you were hosting during the weekend because I’m so proud to see you achieve your dreams. I still hold you to covering one World Cup together!

Mami: Gracias por siempre apoyarme en cada momento de mi vida. I probably gave you a thousand heart attacks every time I called you crying about The Hatchet but you always told me to suck it up and not let anyone see me cry. Even though you always get annoyed at how much value I give to social media and what people say, you taught me how to take criticism and make something productive out of it. I hope that in the future I can even be half as amazing as you are.

Papi: This is all technically your fault, but I’m so happy you told me to take the risk and challenge myself to do something I wasn’t as comfortable with. All my sports knowledge is thanks to you. Thank you for forcing me to learn how to play basketball when I was younger, definitely became useful after all.

Majo: You have always been my #1 cheerleader no matter what I do. You followed my entire Hatchet career throughout the years, annoyed at my constant “Sorry I can’t I have to finish this article.” I don’t think you ever skipped any of my articles and I’m so happy I got you as an aunt. I miss you so much!

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