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Crime log: Subject barred after shoplifting at bookstore
By Max Porter, Contributing News Editor • February 26, 2024

Scour your wardrobes to put together these last-minute Halloween costumes

Sometimes the scariest part of Halloween is finding a costume.
An Ngo | Graphics Editor
From Weird Barbie to the Paddington Bear, take a look in your closet for the perfect accessories for a last-minute Halloween costume.

Though goblins and ghouls may make you turn white with fright, they pale in comparison to the terror of realizing Halloween is next week and you don’t have a costume. 

Rather than turning to Amazon Prime or repurposing a costume you wore last year and wasting your limited college Halloweens by wearing the same costume twice, take a look in your closet. You might have the perfect tools to make these last-minute costumes.

Taylor Swift in the “You Belong With Me” Music Video 

If you are the type to wear sneakers and stick to the bleachers rather than take center stage like a short-skirted cheer captain, you likely have all of the materials to create Taylor Swift’s look from her 2009 music video, “You Belong With Me.” All you need are glasses, a white T-shirt, a notebook, markers and pajama pants. 

To really nail the blast-from-the-past look in Swift’s video, write “Junior Jewels” on the front of the shirt, decorate the collar with multicolored triangles and get your friends to sign their names. Carry around a notebook with some of the phrases Swift writes to communicate to her boy-next-door crush in the video, like “No, studying,” “You okay?” and “I love you.” Plus, this costume is a great pick-up line for any crush you’re nursing this semester.

Bad News

A concept costume accessible to anyone with safety pins and the internet, bad news would include pinning bummer newspaper articles to your clothes. Scour sources like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or The Hatchet for the most depressing, negative articles, covering topics from rising numbers of dangerous hurricanes to yet another controversial GW administration decision.

Sure, it might bring the mood down at the party — no one wants to be reminded that our world is on the brink of collapse while sipping their cider, but the creativity and unforgettable quality of the outfit makes up for any soul-crushing vibes your newsy outfit brings to the party.

Dating Profile 

If you want to conquer a fear of commitment by finding a relationship or experimenting with a one-night stand, dress as a dating app profile to let everyone at the Halloween party know of your romance-seeking intentions. With a piece of poster board, markers and a little creativity, you can make the most forthcoming costume at any Halloween party you attend this season: a dating app profile.

On the poster board, cut out a square for your head to act as a picture, leaving space below to draw the like button, the no button and some exaggerated information about your height, accomplishments and interests to make yourself stand out. With this level of ingenuity — or desperation — you’re sure to leave any party with a match. 

Party Animal

From black cats to sexy, Elle-Woods-inspired bunnies, there are never any shortages of animal costumes at Halloween parties. Combine parties and animals into one costume: a party animal. 

Pick up some animal ears of your favorite creature, colorful noisemakers and carry some confetti in your pocket to bring the party everywhere you go. If you have make-up skills or access to face paint, decorate your face with some whiskers. These simple ingredients will make you the rowdiest animal at the party.

Weird Barbie

It wouldn’t be a 2023 Halloween costume list without an option inspired by Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster, “Barbie.” And while there will be no lack of Stereotypical Barbies and Kens on campus, going as Kate McKinnon’s Weird Barbie allows you to participate in the trend while maintaining some individuality.

Slather your face in misplaced, obnoxiously colorful makeup, tousle your hair and reach for your Birkenstocks — something you’re more likely to stumble across in a college closet than a perfectly coordinated pink outfit. Decked out in Birkenstocks and clownish makeup, you are ready to ask any Barbie you see if she wants to experience the real world.

Paddington Bear

If you would like to use this Halloween as an opportunity to immerse yourself in nostalgia but don’t have the accessories necessary to create a Barbie look, check across the pond for inspiration and go as the marmalade-loving movie star Paddington Bear. All you need is a blue coat, dress or sweater and a red bucket hat.

If you want to add a finishing touch, write “Please Look After This Bear” on a piece of cardboard and pin it to your coat. If anyone finds you after you’ve had one too many ciders, they’ll know to take good care to get you home safe.

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