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Best and worst of this week’s headlines

Between trains and planes, this week’s headlines are almost a transportation trifecta. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is looking to shake up its Metrorail system with four potential visions for the Blue and Silver lines. And if you want to replicate the feeling of running for your train — or just get a workout between classes — make sure to stop by the Lerner Health and Wellness Center, which will open earlier and close later this academic year compared to previous years.

Across the Potomac River, a rumble over the future of the Reagan National Airport reminds us that wherever you go in the DMV, Congress is sure to follow. Plus, billions of dollars worth of student-debt relief is in the works despite President Joe Biden’s plans facing a setback at the Supreme Court late last month.

Here are the best and worst of this week’s headlines:

Thumbs Up

Here’s the gist of Metro’s plans: either the Blue or Silver line would break off from the current Blue-Orange-Silver trio that runs through the District to take a new route through Georgetown — yes, Georgetown — the West End, and downtown D.C. before terminating just over the border in Maryland or heading south to National Harbor.

You can learn more about the specifics of the alternatives on Metro’s website and vote for your favorite. The agency is seeking the public’s feedback, after all. And with Metro clawing itself out of its pandemic-era plunge in ridership, these far-off plans are a vote of confidence in the system’s future. Plus, who wouldn’t want a second Rosslyn or third Farragut station?

If you’d rather work out in the gym than during your commute, make the most of Lerner’s new hours this academic year. The Student Association announced the center’s new hours Monday, giving students more time to use the facility throughout the week.

Extending weekend hours to 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sundays is an especially welcome change when compared to previous years. After a long-awaited but underwhelming reopening last fall, students deserve as much time as they can get in Lerner. Nice work, SA members!

Thumbs Down

If some jet-setting members of Congress have their way, DCA’s runways may get more crowded — and the sky above you noisier. GW’s campus, let alone D.C. as a whole, are right under the flight paths of planes arriving and departing the airport.

Now, representatives and senators are looking to add long-range flights into and out of the airport from across the country as part of a larger bill regarding the Federal Aviation Administration. It’s a political battle that’s pit local officials against a host of national figures, who’ve traded party lines for the airlines in their home states. Though their proposal failed to take-off during a vote in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, keep those seatbelts fastened.

Meanwhile, the president’s student-loan forgiveness program seems to have finally stuck a landing after Biden announced that his administration would forgive $39 billion in student loan debt for more than 804,000 borrowers last week.

Something’s better than nothing, and by no means is $39 billion nothing. And I’m not giving Biden a thumbs down, either — instead, it shouldn’t be this hard to address student debt. After the Supreme Court rejected Biden’s initial plan to forgive around $430 billion in student debt, this is the president’s second try. Here’s hoping it works.

Ethan Benn, a rising senior majoring in journalism and mass communication, is the opinions editor.

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Ethan Benn, Opinions Editor
Ethan Benn, a senior majoring in journalism and communication, is the opinions editor.
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