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By Max Porter, Contributing News Editor • February 26, 2024

From Whole Foods soap to freshman year food: Ideas for how to spend leftover GWorld

Caian Edwards | Photographer
Splurging on a bar of soap at Whole Foods from the Good Soap brand, who donates their profits to supporting people across the world, is a hygienic and charitable way to spend your last GWorld dollars.

The Class of 2023 isn’t the only thing leaving GW after commencement this year as GW’s GWorld-only dining plan will begin to filter into fewer and fewer students’ lives.

For more than 20 years while the University used the GWorld dollars meal plan, seniors have splurged to spend all of their remaining GWorld balance before graduation — after all, remaining dining dollars can’t roll over to another semester if there are no more semesters. But with the introduction of the Thurston and Shenkman dining halls this past year, GW students now have less GWorld money each semester, making the class of 2025 possibly the last group of seniors who will get to indulge the remains of their allotted GWorld money before they leave GW.

Rather than just finally ordering that slightly overpriced menu item one last time at a restaurant on GWorld, here are some uses for what remains of your GWorld money to make the most of the problem — or blessing — of having to spend what remains of your dining dollars.

Make a Whole Foods hygiene run
Along with the class of 2023, Whole Foods will be graduating from GWorld this May, as the grocery store will no longer accept dining dollars starting in June. Rather than spending all of one’s dining dollars on the newest plant-based meat substitute the supermarket sells, try splurging on some of the market’s soaps.

Whole Foods sells bars of soap from the Good Soap brand, who donates all of their profits to supporting people across the world through initiatives like providing education and pushing for fair wages in corporate America.

The soaps come in aesthetically pleasing rectangles with scents ranging from avocado to cherry blossom and subtle pastel colors matching the scent in question, like the light pink with bold, red streaks which decorates their cherry blossom soap. Squeeze one last visit into the grocery store and try a new soap to treat yourself to a self care and relaxation day before Commencement.

Give back to the community
After spending years living in the heart of the District, you could give back to the community by spending your remaining GWorld money on groceries and donating them to a food bank. A number of organizations across the District, including SOME (So Others Might Eat) and the Foggy Bottom-based Miriam’s Kitchen, accept food donations and use them to feed residents in need.

These organizations prefer donations of non-perishable goods, so you should consider spending your remaining GWorld on packages of rice and canned vegetables and then donate that food to one of the groups. Unspent GWorld money can also be donated to support The Store and the Abraham Family Fund, GW-led initiatives to prevent student hunger.

Though graduates cannot take GWorld with them, if you are looking for a way to make a lasting impact with their dining dollars, buying food and donating it to organizations in D.C. will improve the lives of people in need with the soon-to-disappear funds.

Donate your GWorld to research
One perpetual question plagues GW students when trying to find a place to eat — which GWorld vendor reigns supreme? Trying every single latte or every single burger on campus is expensive and time consuming, meaning for many it’s easier to rely on their first, tried and true option.

But if you’re looking to use up all your remaining GWorld, you could finally discover the uncontested best version of every comfort food, from dumplings to donuts. GW students for generations to come would surely appreciate the noble research efforts of someone trying each and every pepperoni pizza slice at GWorld vendors to see which the most delectable one is.

Pizza Movers and Calzones and Manny and Olga’s Pizza sit across the street from each other, are both on GWorld and claim to have the first jumbo slice in Georgetown. While remaining GWorld funds can’t answer which shop is telling the truth, they can be used to determine which has the better slice, giving graduating seniors a chance to settle the debate for future GW students by posting their findings to social media.

Party like it’s fall 2019
Embrace nostalgia and order food from a few restaurants which are no longer on GWorld. While this may seem counterintuitive, GrubHub offers students the ability to pay for their orders using GWorld dining dollars, giving graduating seniors the chance to get food from their favorite ex-GW staples.

Former staples of District House, like Chick-fil-A, Sol Mexican Grill and GRK, which officials removed from the food court this past year, still have D.C. locations in areas close to campus like Penn Quarter and Dupont Circle. The Class of 2023 can order themselves one last fully stuffed quesadilla to remember all those awkward freshman year lunches with someone you just met in your introduction to international politics lecture.

Gift a friend some #OnlyatGW merch
While you might want to give your fellow graduating friends a gift before you all go your separate ways, finding a present which connects to your time together at GW can be time consuming — and expensive. Rather than spend hours browsing D.C. gift shops, spend your last bit of GWorld cash on some merch from your friend’s favorite GW eatery as a present.

Grilled cheese specialist GCDC sells eye-catching, cheese-colored gold shirts and sweatshirts ($25) showing off the store’s name and it’s location in the heart of the District. If you aren’t able to make a trip to the grilled cheese bar, they even sell them on GrubHub for the cheese fanatic in your life.

If your friends prefer an early morning flavor and tapioca-filled tea, get them a shirt ($29.99) from SecreTea using your remaining funds. The shirts come in three colors — pink, white and black — each showing off a different endearing design, like the pink shirt which features someone drinking bubble tea with a smiling strawberry. The shirts are also available on GrubHub for a small extra fee ($30.29).

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