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By Hannah Marr, News Editor • June 21, 2024

Best fashion trend: Low-rise bottoms

Jordan Tovin | Staff Photographer
Low-rise jeans are more than just a trend. They’re a representation of empowering people to dress as they please, without apology.

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The return of low-rise bottoms is a necessary fashion trend to hop onto for their risqué waistline and Y2K essence.

The circular nature of the fashion cycle is epitomized by the reintroduction of low-rise pants as wardrobe staples. What was once a trend that was expelled to the grave of 2000s fashion has once again become a popular, everyday closet staple.

The resurgence of the low-rise bottom has been dreaded by many because of the revealing nature of the pants. In their 2000s peak, the low-rise pant was exclusive to smaller bodies, causing many to loathe the trend for its lack of inclusivity. But, as we reject the idea of the hourglass figure being the standard for beauty, the return of this trend presents a chance to encourage inclusivity and boost confidence, all while wearing a pair of vintage Levi’s that were found for a discounted price at the thrift store.

When low-rise jeans first gained popularity in the 2000s, the pants themselves were a trend, but so was the body type. The fit of the jeans was skin tight with two-inch zippers, worn almost exclusively with crop tops to accentuate the midriff. The resurgence of low-rise jeans comes in a different fit – modern-day low-rise pants are of a looser and baggier style than before, further affirming that they are made for everyone. With a more oversized fit, there is no longer a need to squeeze or suck into a pair of jeans. Instead, they fall naturally on the hip line.

The best part? They’re as versatile as a piece of clothing can be. Dress them down with a casual t-shirt or pair your vintage low-rise jeans with a crop top for the summer weather. You can also dress them up with heeled boots, a leather jacket or a corset top. From cargo pants to jeans and trousers to sweatpants, the low-rise, high-reward possibilities are endless.

Flowy, low-rise skirts are also sure to be a staple during the sweltering summer months. And the fashion world knows it too. Vogue noted that low-rise jeans are “ready for redemption,” centering body inclusivity due to the new oversized fit. Low-rise pants even made Fashionista’s list of 23 “It” items to watch out for at New York Fashion Week this spring.

From their versatility to their subtly provocative undertones, it’s no doubt that low-rise jeans are a mandatory fashion staple. And, with the changing landscape of social media, they’re being used to promote body positivity and confidence with a new, reimagined fit that focuses on pants being comfortable, not constrictive. From plus-size fashion bloggers to the general public, people are reimagining what the resurgence of Y2K trends can look like.

The returned popularity of the low-rise cut serves as a chance to embrace 2000s style in a new, body-positive way that emphasizes that pants should fit people and not the other way around.

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