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By Max Porter, Contributing News Editor • February 26, 2024

Out-of-the-box dating apps guaranteed to elevate your love life

Photo Illustration by Lily Speredelozzi | Assistant Photo Editor
From an app that matches you based on astrological compatibility to one that let’s your friends do all the hard work for you, these apps take an out of the box approach to dating.

The world of dating apps is wider than you think, and maybe your soulmate – or one night stand – is hiding just beyond the reach of your Tinder, Hinge or Grinder.

Maybe your ideal matches aren’t liking you back, the conversations aren’t progressing or you’re straight out of swipes. Whatever the case is, it may be time to branch out to the more niche side of dating apps. From an app that matches you based on astrological compatibility to one that lets your friends do all the hard work for you, these apps take an out-of-the-box approach to dating.

Here are five dating apps you should check out to find new, potential love interests:

For the veggie connoisseur:
Looking for someone who you can make out with and not worry about what animal product they may have recently consumed? This app is for you. Veggly is designed specifically for vegetarians and vegans looking to find a partner who shares values like protecting the earth and animals. The app has more than 1 million users and proudly boasts the 3 million “Vegmatches” made on the service. If you’ve been eager to bond over your love of Beyond Meat, or find someone who will hold you accountable to your new diet, get chatting on Veggly. Meet your match on Veggly for a passionate hookup without the lingering taste of fried chicken.

For the pet lover:
If you need your future partner to understand that they will always come second to your pet, then check out these two apps. Dig is a dating app designed to help dog lovers – and their dogs – meet. Dig users can bond over their shared love of mutts and escape the awkwardness of having a hookup who happens to be allergic to dogs, or worse, a dog hater. Tabby is a similar app but for cat lovers. The app unites feline fans, serving as a way to meet a hookup, or maybe a future cat co-parent. Let’s be real here – identifying as a cat or dog person says a lot about a person’s personality. Establishing someone’s fondness for one or the other as a prerequisite for joining the app helps weed out some of the matches you probably wouldn’t get along with anyway.

For the astrological expert:
It’s possible that your most recent failed relationship didn’t work out simply because your star signs are not compatible. To prevent that from happening in the future, check out NUiT, an app that factors astrology into the equation of finding your potential partner. The app analyzes your sun, moon and rising star signs in order to properly pair you with a match. Matching based on astrology can help you find someone who fits your needs, moods and personal style. This way, you can avoid that one sign it just never seems to work out with, and skip to a match from the stars.

For someone with great friends:
Maybe your problem with dating isn’t the other person, it’s you. Wingman is a dating app that removes you from the equation and lets your friends matchmake for you. From start to finish your friends make your profile on your behalf, swiping on and chatting with potential love interests for you. It’s possible that your problem with love is that you pick the wrong people, so give your friends a shot at choosing for you. Once you match with someone, your friends will already be sold on your partner, so you can skip the fake conversations in your group chat when everyone has to pretend your new date is cute when they tragically just aren’t. Take the backseat in your own love life, and give your friends a chance to wow you with their matchmaking skills.

For the adventurous type:
If dating has gotten boring, maybe it’s time to spice things up and rethink your monogamy. Feelds has one goal in mind: threesomes. No need to be single to join this app – couples looking to explore can create a couples account which interacts with the singles accounts on the app. You and your partner can spend time bonding over who your ideal third is, while curious singles also get to travel outside of their comfort zone. Embrace your wild side and give this app a chance to open up your world and your bedroom door. After all, monogamy can get boring, and college is the time explore multiple partners at once.

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