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Look no further than your wardrobe to follow the most fashionable trends of 2023

Photo Illustration by Auden Yurman | Senior Photo Editor
Beyond maxi skirts, denim is resurging in a magnitude of looks. The beauty of this trend is that denim is both sturdy and timeless, making it one of the most reliably stylish fabrics of all time, easy to be repurposed year after year.

2023 is the year of closet couture.

Investing in the new year’s fashion trends doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your wardrobe. In fact, everything you need to stay in style might already be in your clothing collection.

From repurposing preloved denim to raiding your family and friends’ closets – with their permission of course – there are many ways you can sustainably embrace this year’s resurging trends while still sporting the tried-and-true items that make up your personal style. Here are some of 2023’s upcoming fashion trends and ways you can partake in them without spending a dime.

No more mini’s
Chances are you’ve become accustomed to the shorter hemlines and shrinking sizes of accessories during the past few years, but 2023 promises to embrace the opposite.

Inspired by the convenience of canvas totes, many trendsetters are styling their going-out outfits with bigger purses instead of the tiny shoulder bags of late. You may have a medium-sized or even oversized purse from the early 2000s or 2010s lying in your closet waiting to be dusted off and reused. My go-to clothing search starts before I even think about shopping or thrifting. And it involves, if not first rifling through my own wardrobe, combing through my siblings’ and parents’ closet when I’m home over break. Because if the past trends have taught us anything, it’s that old trends are just aching to become new again.

Decked out in denim
Similarly, the mini hemline finds itself a competitor in 2023. You’ve probably already seen a revival of longer skirts and dresses, but the maxi denim skirt is making a comeback this year.

And beyond the maxi skirts, denim is resurging in a magnitude of looks. The beauty of this trend is that denim is both sturdy and timeless, making it one of the most reliably stylish fabrics of all time, easy to be repurposed year after year. And lucky for us, jagged patchwork and exposed seamlines only add to the spunk of 2023 trendy denim pieces. So if you’re up for reworking an old pair of jeans into a long denim skirt or putting together an oversized Canadian tux, this trend may be for you.

On Wednesdays we wear black
Our tendency to pick up trends from popular entertainment isn’t new – just think of the 2020’s sudden corset obsession following the release of “Bridgerton,” “Emma” and other regency era films released in the past few years. So it’s no surprise that after Netflix’s success with its recent Addams Family reboot series, “Wednesday,” the show’s modern gothic style would venture off-screen and into our closets.

To lean into this trend, center your concept around the darker-colored clothes in your closet. The character Wednesday wears a range of gothic styles inspired by aesthetics from dark academia to oversized streetwear and even upscale glam. Try styling an outfit with black, white and darker pieces in your closet. Dark clogs or chunky loafers, trousers and a black sweater or cardigan layered over a white-collared button-down can replicate Wednesday’s everyday look. Pay a subtle homage to the dress in her distinct, viral dance scene with a sheer top accessorized with a dark choker.

Carrying in cargo
For those who jumped on the cargo pants bandwagon after it regained popularity last year, you’re in luck, because the functional attire’s popularity has yet to dwindle. Keep sporting your cargo this year in every color from the beige browns to the army-style forest greens and camo, or whatever version you have in your closet.

And cargo pants’ versatility doesn’t end with its ability to carry the contents of your entire backpack, they also go with a variety of tops. Match a fitted tank top or cropped shirt with the baggy pants to achieve a more balanced look, or pair the pants with an oversized graphic tee to achieve a skater-inspired outfit.

Oversized everything
In line with the cargo look, the oversized streetwear trend still reigns supreme in 2023. Taking inspiration from the popular 90’s style, you can follow this trend with ease.

If you have any oversized items in your closet, try matching baggy jeans with oversized t-shirts or hoodies. As with many other 2023 trends, the oversized look is versatile and can easily be dressed up or down. Glam up with stacked jewelry, a sleek pair of glasses and kitten heals. You can also opt for a fitted top like a corset or a crop top to elevate the outfit. If you want to lean toward the relaxed version of the trend, try wearing your favorite beat up sneakers or a pair of chunky platform kicks.

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