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Crime log: Subject barred after shoplifting at bookstore
By Max Porter, Contributing News Editor • February 26, 2024

Go-to gifts for every personality lining your holiday shopping list

Kimberly Courtney | Photographer
When going over to a family member’s or partner’s house for the holidays, a gift for the host leaves a lasting impression. Scoping out store collections is simply a must.

Unless gift-giving is your love language, the holidays can be a tricky time to pick the perfect purchase for your loved ones.

Finding a flawless gift during the holidays can sometimes feel impossible, especially when dealing with a gift exchange with coworkers or buying a courtesy present for your great aunt who you hardly know. We’ve put together a comprehensive gift guide for the mix of interests and personalities piling up on your shopping list this holiday season, from the traveler to the kitchen connoisseur.

The music lover:
When finding gifts for a music lover, start by identifying their favorite band or artist. Books about their most loved instrumentalist, producer or rapper would make the optimal tabletop decoration for their room on campus or back home. Look no further than a turntable or record player for someone who enjoys listening to music at home and will appreciate an antique look over a modern Bluetooth speaker. If your music-loving friend is already an avid vinyl collector, vinyl covers to frame and display all-time favorite records would also make the perfect gift.

The kitchen connoisseur:
For someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen or hosting dinner parties and guests, high-quality measuring cups can elevate their culinary versatility. Beautiful and delicious candy makes for a great gift to display in the kitchen and have on hand for a light snack and sweet appetizer. When going over to a family member’s or partner’s house for the holidays, a gift for the host leaves a lasting impression – a gift box of fruits or other goodies from Williams Sonoma goes a long way and will dazzle the entire family.

The sports fanatic:
A favorite team’s jersey or T-shirt can seem like the obvious choice as a gift for die-hard sports fans, but there is no need to limit your options there when prices can easily soar into triple digits. These custom candles inspired by the scents of Major League Baseball stadiums around the country, like the distinct smell of milkshakes and churros at Yankee Stadium and the aroma of fresh ivy, grass and lemonade at Fenway Park, are sure to please the baseball fan in your life. For a fan of NASCAR, race car LEGO models double as a toy for a younger fan and a bookshelf decoration once completed. And if all else fails, high-quality athletic socks are always an easy and useful go-to gift for any athlete.

The creative fashionista:
Shopping for fashion and beauty-related items can be overwhelming because of the sheer amount of makeup, clothing and beauty options, but a much-needed staple for a wintery fit goes a long way. These trendy Aerie flared leggings, which you can find all over campus, are a safe bet for those who love a relaxed and comfortable style. Pair them with a thick sweater and winter coat to stay warm and cozy during the winter months. For homebodies, these smiley-face slippers will certainly suffice. A trendy recycled tote bag is the quintessential choice for running errands and carrying daily trinkets, so gifting one would be perfect for someone who’s always on the go.

Your partner’s parent:
If you’re traveling over break to meet your partner’s family – perhaps for the first time – you may be at a loss for a foolproof gift for their parents that will leave a lasting impression. A custom stamp maker is a timeless gift and will come in handy over the holiday season to address thank-you-note stationary. You can’t go wrong with these beautiful home state mugs for a personal-yet-tasteful and understated gift. For a universal option, a nice candle set is your best bet, especially if you do not know their parents’ personal tastes very well. Gift shopping for a partner’s parents can seem tricky and intimidating, but simple and practical is ultimately the way to go.

The travel lover:
When searching for a gift for a travel aficionado, avoid a tacky, impractical or gimmicky gift in favor of usable or sentimental items. An exceptional toiletry or makeup bag is essential when packing for a trip, particularly one that’s waterproof to keep belongings safe from accidental spills or splashes. For your friend or roommate preparing to embark on a study abroad journey next semester, a travel journal is a creative and personal way for them to document their new adventures overseas. A custom map print can also commemorate a homeland or destination that your global traveler can’t stop talking about.

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