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GW-themed Halloween costumes for a Buff and Blue spooky season

An Ngo | Designer
If you’re more into planning group costumes than pondering constitutional questions, then the seven berobed justices of the Student Court is the look for you.

Searching for Halloween costume inspiration? Look no further than Foggy Bottom.

These GW-themed getups are light on the budget and easy to assemble, so you’re ready to celebrate Halloween in no time. From happy hippos to the dreaded devil’s advocate, check out some costume ideas that scream Buff and Blue.

Move-in day GW parent

What you’ll need: GW-branded merch

Whether you’re homesick or sick of home, chances are someone helped you wheel that blue cart into your room to settle into college earlier this year. This costume is easy to pull off if you already own a GW Mom or GW Dad shirt. Shoot for the ultimate dad fit with a baseball cap and jacket to tie around your waist. Pair with cargo shorts or leggings and sneakers to capture that move-in day look, and if you really want to sell it, accessorize with a map of campus, a box of tissues and a fanny pack.

Student Court

What’ll you need: A black sheet, white collared shirt and tie

Student Association President Christian Zidouemba is in, and former acting Chief of Staff Cordelia Scales is out after this month’s Student Court decision. But ribbing GW’s wannabe politicians is always in style. The Student Court’s seven berobed justices are inexplicably the best-dressed judicial bench this side of Capitol Hill. If you’re more into planning group costumes than pondering constitutional questions, then this courtroom-inspired look is for you.

To match the justices’ style, wear a white collared shirt and tie and fasten a black or dark-colored sheet over your ensemble with bobby pins or tape to capture that classic look of self-importance. Accessorize with a gavel, or use your WEPA account to print the full 33 pages of the court’s decision for that extra touch of authenticity.

The Wrightons

What you’ll need: A collared shirt, dress shoes, a suit and tie and a dress or skirt

For a couple’s costume that celebrates GW’s cutest pairing since George and Martha Washington, dress up as interim University President Mark Wrighton and his wife, Risa Zwerling Wrighton. Grab a collared shirt, dress shoes and a suit and tie – ideally blue or gold to show some school spirit – for President Wrighton. For Risa Zwerling Wrighton, go with a floral top and white skirt combo.

To go all out in a group costume, go as the Wrightons’ furry friends, Spike the dog and Maestro – who Wrighton nicknamed Purrfessor – the cat. A black or white shaggy sweater will match Spike’s fur, but a t-shirt can do in a pinch. Either way, don’t forget a nametag – you’re the First Dog of GW! Tan, brown and even leopard print can match Purrfessor’s tabby coat. Or even better, incorporate your own furry friend in the costume as Spike or Purrfessor. If you’re up for some arts and crafts, you can turn headbands into animal ears with some glue and felt or construction paper.

The devil’s advocate

What you’ll need: A collared shirt, dress shoes, a suit and tie and a dress or skirt

From the Elliott School of International Affairs to the School of Media and Public Affairs, the devil’s advocate is always ready to grind your 8 a.m. class to a halt with scorchingly bad hot takes. Whether you know them, you hate them or you are one, put that Hillternship outfit to good use with this costume idea. Print out some hot takes of your own and tape them to your outfit. A backpack or briefcase will help sell the look, and if you really want to accessorize, splurge on a pair of devil’s horns or a plastic pitchfork.


What you’ll need: Gray shirt, gray shorts or pants, gray shoes and headband

GW’s relationship with the hippopotamus began when former University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg donated the hippo statue outside Lisner Auditorium to the Class of 2000, and our collective love for this magnificent mammal is still going strong. So why not pay homage to GW’s unofficial mascot this Halloween? Grab some gray clothes to match that hippo hide, and spice up your groutfit by turning any old headband into ears. Alternatively, opt for a hippo onesie that will serve as a comfortable piece of loungewear attire long after Halloween concludes.

GW’s next president

What you’ll need: A name tag

GW’s next president is still undecided, so why not throw your hat into the presidential search ring? Channel your inner administrator and chart the course of the University’s future in a low-effort costume with a name tag or badge declaring your candidacy. Stick it to your shirt and voilà. Go formal for a little more flair or stay casual with some GW-branded clothes that’ll let you show off your school spirit. If you’d rather abandon the outlook on GW’s future, go old school as a throwback to the University’s 19th-century presidents with a puffy lace collar or some buckled shoes.

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