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Gifts ideas for your professors

Sophia Young | Assistant Photo Editor
After the first semester back in person during the pandemic, we’ve got you covered on how to send a special thank you to your professors.

Thank your professors for their hard work after a taxing year with a gift tailored to their interests.

We’ve compiled a list of gifts suitable for professors of all disciplines just in time for your holiday shopping. From a “Save the Comma” mug for your English professor to a Julius Caesar pen holder for your history professor, we’ve rounded up a list of gifts for all the professors on your list this year.

For English professors
Since English professors get overloaded with books as gifts during the holiday season, consider giving your professor the gift of a hearty laugh with the writer’s block pen holder shaped like a block ($27 to $58.50) or a “Save the Comma” mug ($19.95 to $21.95).

Alternatively, get creative and give them a bibliophile reader’s journal ($15.95) which prompts them to answer questions and journal about their latest read or a magnetic poetry kit ($21.95) to craft on-the-spot poetry on their refrigerator door.

For international affairs professors
Select a worldly gift for your international affairs professor who most likely had to skip out on international travel this past year and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The gift of an enamel pin of the globe ($7.50) will spice up your professor’s class outfits and is a stellar option for a small but colorful gift.

Opt for a humorous gift with a “How to Swear Around the World” book ($12.95), or inspire their wanderlust with a “Tasting the World One Country at a Time” cookbook ($17.99) or a passport-themed travel journal ($9.99).

For engineering professors
A compact ruler and conversion reference card ($12.50) will fit perfectly in your engineering professor’s pocket or wallet. Order a perpetual calendar ($22.78) for their office desk, which keeps track of the day and month with a modern design. It’s not only an innovative work of engineering, but also an aesthetically pleasing piece of decor.

Buy a pack of brain teaser puzzles ($19.99) for your professor to use as decor and occasional toys. A circuit board business card holder ($28.50) is a professional gift and conversation starter when distributing business cards.

For journalism professors
Whether your professor still goes out on reporting assignments or simply enjoys reading their daily edition of the Washington Post, give them something to go along with their daily routine. Get your media professor a humorous “Journalist Nutritional Facts” mug ($19.99) that reads “Excuses: 0%, Work Ethic: 110%, Caffeine: 200%” and more.

Buy a practical gift like a waterproof spiral notebook ($12.99) marketed as “indestructible,” or buy a pack of reporter’s notebooks ($21.99) for all their note-taking needs. You can also give the gift of a 1914 printing press poster ($9 to $41), which represents the industrialization and expansion of accessibility for news.

For political science professors
Your favorite poli-sci professor would love to drink their morning brew out of a presidential slogan coffee mug ($16.95). For the professor who serves up dad jokes each class, order them a cringeworthy “I put the lit in politics” mug ($14.85).

For a light read to go with their morning coffee, gift them a pocket-sized Constitution and Declaration of Independence booklet ($8).

For fine art professors
Gift a miniature framed Monet painting ($9) to adorn your professor’s desk. Or give them a visual art dictionary ($45) which includes famous paintings and illustrations with descriptions of the artist, the painting and art form, or a pocket-sized book of wise Frida Kahlo quotes ($9.99) for a daily dose of inspiration. For a sustainable option, pick up a reversible tote bag with Van Gogh’s “Almond Blossom” print ($14.95).

For history professors
No matter what region or time period your history professor specializes in, order them a “Timeline of World History” poster ($19.95) which graphs some of the most prominent points in world history. Alternatively, opt for a “This Day in History” boxed calendar ($14.99) and maybe you’ll find it in your professor’s office next semester.

A Julius Caesar pen holder ($18.54) which reads “Et tu, Brute?” is a funnier option for desk decor, as the pens “stab” Caesar in the back as part of the design. Or buy them a small but mighty women’s suffrage pin ($12) to grace their lapel or bag.

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