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Cold weather staples to elevate your winter wardrobe

Rachel Schwartz | Photographer
From TikTok trends to classic looks, these styles can help you make the transition to the winter months.

Coming up with unique winter styles can be intimidating, but with a few key pieces to elevate the warmth of your wardrobe you won’t have to sacrifice your style to the cold.

As the temperatures in D.C. continue to dip, it can be hard to curate the same exciting fits you did at the beginning of the semester but we’ve outlined the essential, and trendy, winter staples you can stock your closet with this season. Although the winters in D.C. are mild compared to more northern cities, being prepared for the change in weather will make your seasonal transition simple.

Faux Fur
To simultaneously look luxurious and feel like you are being hugged by a fuzzy animal, faux fur is a fashionable way to keep warm. Wearing real fur is cruel and unnecessary, but you can still embody your glamorous alter ego with all the faux options on the market. Pair this plush trench coat with matching mittens made from recycled bottles and fabric scraps or opt for this Amazon coat that offers a similar look.

Stylish sweats
While it would be nice if the pandemic uniform of sweatpants and slippers was embraced in the nonvirtual school and work environments, some days a more put together look feels appropriate. Club meetings or brunch with friends are great events to rock a stylish sweatsuit. You look like you have your life together, but you aren’t trying too hard. Check out this ASOS lounge set that will make you look effortlessly put together or this simple yet cozy option from Los Angeles Apparel.

Nicholas Anastacio | Graphics Editor

Patchwork pieces
As fashion designers and trend setters turn to the past for inspiration, design is reaching back to 19th-century England with the recurrence of patchwork. Sewing small pieces of different colored cloth together results in colorful patchwork fabrics. Your first association with mix-matched pieces of fabric sewn together may be your grandma, but patchwork clothing is a rustic way to add color and personality to your wardrobe. Invest in a unique puffer coat or search the second hand market for one-of-a-kind patchwork pieces full of personality. Pieces like these jeans from Nordstrom are a subtle way to add patchwork to your wardrobe.

Platform boots
A quality pair of sturdy boots are essential for the snowy and icy conditions of winter months. Even though it’s unlikely you’ll encounter troves of snow in D.C., keeping your toes warm and socks dry is still essential in the cold weather. This fur-lined pair from Dr. Martens will be comfortable and warm right out of the box, and this Forever 21 pair offers a similar style for a lower price.

Balaclavas look like your favorite reusable face mask and knit beanie had a baby. Worn by 19th-century Prussian soldiers to endure harsh winters, balaclavas are practical and versatile. This winter essential is going viral on TikTok, so stay ahead of the trend by adding one to your holiday wish list now. You can also wear the face covering as a neck warmer, face mask and beanie all-in-one.

Textured pants
It can be difficult to seamlessly transition your pants collection from fall to winter while staying warm, but adding textured options like corduroy to your closet will ensure your comfort on cold winter days. Corduroy is an incredibly warm, thick and soft fabric with a ridged appearance. For a classic look with a pop of fun, try these corduroy pants from Cider. You could also hop on the trend of knitwear and try out some thickly knitted pants like these from Etsy.

Soft sweaters
Knitwear may be the most basic winter essential, but finding a sweater that is both comfortable and warm can often be a struggle. Investing in a 100 percent cashmere sweater like this one from Aritzia will pay off in both warmth and comfort for winters to come. You could also hit the thrift stores where you can test out the softness of the sweaters for yourself. Go for a thick, multi-colored and patterned cardigan sweater if you want to make it the statement piece of your winter fits.

Wearing a mini blanket wrapped around your neck may be the pinnacle of comfort and having an oversized scarf on hand is the easiest way to appropriately achieve that feeling. The versatility of a scarf is one of its perks. You can wrap a scarf around yourself like a shawl, layer it and tie it around your neck in countless ways. Choose one with a pop of color to elevate an all black outfit.

Hands are one of the most susceptible body parts to frostbite. So if you like to drink iced coffees all year round or use your phone outside, do yourself a favor and get some gloves. Sherpa, a popular fuzzy material, is a trendy fabric for coats, but you can also hop on the trend with these Urban Outfitters sherpa gloves. Or go for a more classic sophisticated look with leather gloves. If you can’t afford to be unplugged on your winter walks, try out gloves that are touchscreen compatible.

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