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By Ella Mitchell, Staff Writer • April 22, 2024

A rundown of top TV shows up for the 2021 Emmy Awards

Photo Illustration by Sophia Young | Assistant Photo Editor
The Crown has won 14 total Emmy awards since the first season’s release, but it could add more to the count on Sunday.

Many of us got through a long list of hit TV shows over the last year at home, but only a few series will take home the top awards this Sunday at the 73rd Emmy Awards.

We’ve compiled our favorite nominees for best comedy, drama, variety special and limited series up for nomination. From familiar favorites like “The Crown” to breakout hits like “Ted Lasso,” here are some shows and actors you should keep an eye out for at the awards this weekend.

‘Ted Lasso’
Jason Sudeikis is joyful and compelling in “Ted Lasso,” a goofy sitcom where Sudeikis plays American football coach Ted Lasso, who is given the reins to an English football club despite not having a clear understanding of the game’s rules.

In the Apple TV+ show – which was nominated for 13 Emmys including outstanding comedy series – Lasso’s boss, the soccer team’s new owner, actively attempts to sabotage his success, but he still infects begrudging players and fans with his incessant optimism throughout the season. For a hilarious storyline with a wacky but earnest main character trying to punch above his weight, Ted Lasso is for you.

‘The Mandalorian’
A thrilling yet heartfelt story set in the Star Wars universe, “The Mandalorian” follows the titular character Din Djarin in his daily life as a bounty hunter. Din’s life is forever changed when he encounters his latest bounty, a small, child-like alien being with unexplainable powers.

The gripping narrative that unfolds as Din instead chooses to protect this “child” from remnant Imperial forces, including Moff Gideon, played by Emmy-nominated Giancarlo Esposito, is one audiences will never forget.

‘The Crown’
Tackling the depiction of the British Royal Family is not an easy endeavor, but the critically acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning series “The Crown” goes above and beyond. The heart-wrenching fourth installment of the series follows Princess Diana’s introduction to the Royal Family and covers the years of Margaret Thatcher’s premiership.

In one of the most powerful performances on television this year, Emmy-nominated Josh O’Connor not only surpassed expectations in his portrayal of British Royal Prince Charles but broke dramatic boundaries in his performance alongside castmate and fellow nominee Emma Corrin. The two delivered an emotionally intense argument scene at the end of the season which served as a turning point for both their individual characters and the depiction of their marriage.

‘Mare of Easttown’
Mare Sheehan is a small-town detective in Pennsylvania, who is investigating the murder of a teenage mother while dealing with the unraveling of her own life. Mare has to come to terms with the dissolution of her marriage, the loss of her son to suicide and a custody battle over her grandson all while being doubted by the community as their faith in her as a detective begins to waver.

Featuring career-defining performances by Kate Winslet, Evan Peters, Jean Smart and Julianne Nicholson, “Mare of Easttown” is a shocking crime drama that will leave viewers contemplating the show even after the final episode.

‘The Queen’s Gambit’
“The Queen’s Gambit” follows Beth Harmon’s journey from orphan to chess prodigy, as she juggles emotional turmoil and substance abuse while yearning to become a respected chess player in a game dominated by men.

Set against the backdrop of the 1950s and 60s, Anya Taylor-Joy embodies Harmon, with excellent supporting performances by Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Moses Ingram – all of whom notched a nomination for their roles. As the story unfolds, the audience is left wondering how Beth will be able to balance life at the top while her personal life hangs precariously in the balance.

Breaking the mold of the traditional superhero genre, “Wandavision” combines sitcom television tropes with something a little more mysterious to create a compelling story that’s difficult to tear your eyes away from. In the aftermath of “Avengers: Endgame,” former Avengers Wanda Maximoff and Vision have relocated to suburbia, seemingly living an idyllic life, but both the characters and the audience begin to wonder if things are not as they appear and if something more sinister is lurking underneath the surface.

“Wandavision” features captivating performances by nominees Kathryn Hahn, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany to create a satisfying story with a conclusion you won’t want to miss.

‘Bo Burnham: Inside’
Written, directed, acted and shot entirely by actor/comedian Bo Burnham, “Inside” features a fictionalized version of Burnham fighting cabin fever as he quarantines during the pandemic. The audience gets the chance to see an “inside” look at Burnham’s mind as his mental health begins to deteriorate while being locked inside over the course of a year.

Audiences empathize, feel concern for and relate to Burnham’s character, as he frequently breaks the fourth wall to depict how many people felt over the course of the pandemic. Combining elements of comedy, visual art, theatre and music, “Inside” is a thought-provoking masterpiece that will surely stick with audiences after their first viewing.

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