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Lil Yachty draws ‘wild’ crowd to Spring Fling despite sudden cancellation

Sam Hardgrove | Assistant Photo Editor
After Lil Pump cancelled his appearance, the large crowds returned later in the night when Lil Yachty took to the stage.

Hundreds of students crowded around the stage in University Yard Saturday to hear this year’s solo Spring Fling act – Lil Yachty.

Although vibrant crowds packed the yard for Yachty’s energetic performance, the concert didn’t go as originally planned. The event took a turn when Program Board announced during Spring Fling that the co-headliner for the night, Lil Pump, would no longer perform due to “travel circumstances.”

Vendors’ tents, inflatable games and rap fans occupied University Yard in anticipation of the performances by rappers Lil Yachty and Lil Pump before the announcement. But after Lil Pump’s sudden cancellation at about 6 p.m., many students left the yard disappointed, saying they found themselves shortchanged by the slashed lineup.

But the large crowds returned at 7:30 p.m. when Lil Yachty was expected to take the stage. Even though Lil Yachty came solo, his performance atoned for the scheduling snafu.

To preface Lil Yachty’s arrival, the DJ played a medley of popular rap songs such as “Congratulations” and “Bad and Boujee” to which Yachty danced as he emerged chanting, “Lil Boat.” Accompanied by an entourage, the energetic build-up drew hundreds of students to fill the space in front of the stage.

“I think people will forget about it and just enjoy what we have because if someone had told me it was just Lil Yachty, I would’ve enjoyed it anyways,” junior Maurice Russo said.

[gwh_image id=”1053774″ credit=”Connor Witschonke | Hatchet Photographer” align=”none” size=”embedded-img”]As Lil Yachty’s hit songs “Ice Tray” and “I Spy” blasted through the speakers, attendees sang along and danced to the beat.[/gwh_image]

As Lil Yachty’s hit songs “Ice Tray” and “I Spy” blasted through the speakers, attendees sang along and danced to the beat. “I Spy” was a crowd favorite with most of the concertgoers singing along.

That intensity carried through the concert as a mosh pit forced attendees to move to the outskirts of the crowd before organizers turned off the microphone around 9 p.m. Students were packed tight in front of the stage and became rowdier as the concert continued.

“I think it was awesome. It was a bit intense for me and my friends here but I think it was wild and it was really awesome,” freshman Luke Briggs said. “The mosh pit kind of seemed like it might have been too dangerous. People were getting thrown to the floors.”

With a high turnout and energetic crowd, some students said this performance was the best Spring Fling headliner in recent years. A student leader in Program Board had said they began working in December and January to give the event a high-profile lineup that spoke to students’ interests.

“It’s actually probably better than the past couple of years,” senior Emma Sohi said. “I think the acts are a bit more suited to our youth.”

[gwh_image id=”1053776″ credit=”Sam Hardgrove | Assistant Photo Editor” align=”none” size=”embedded-img”]Students were packed tight in front of the stage and became rowdy as the concert continued.[/gwh_image]

Program Board didn’t immediately respond to request to comment on the cancellation of Lil Pump or the number of students that attended the performance.

Before the acts, Spring Fling hosted businesses and restaurants to cater to attendees. Businesses like Maven Car Sharing, Blueprint LSAT and Essentia Water advertised their products with stickers and hats at the event. Students could also find free Spring Fling shirts in the corner of U Yard with Lil Yachty and Lil Pump’s names plastered on the back in neon pink and blue font.

At the edge of the venue, students could ride a mechanical shark or fight in inflatable Rock’em Sock’em Robot suits while they listened to Ben Shepherd, the opening DJ and the marketing chair for Program Board.

Admission was free with a GWorld card as well as food, shirts and games. Domino’s served slices of cheese and pepperoni pizza across from a tent sponsored by Crepeaway, which handed out to-go boxes of available crepes.

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