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The search for the best macaroni and cheese

This post was written by Hatchet reporter David Harvey.

Instead of waiting for your Thursday CapMac fix when you’re hit with a comfort food craving, get out of Foggy Bottom and try these mac and cheese options around the city.

Jamie Finkelstein | Hatchet Photographer
Jamie Finkelstein | Hatchet Photographer

Oohs and Aahs
1005 U St. NW

This restaurant is the definition of a greasy spoon. Its walls are covered with celebrities that visited the place, including Michael Vick and the actress who played Rudy on “The Cosby Show.” The recipe has been in the family for three generations and combines six different cheeses and soul food spices.

“This mac and cheese is made with a lot of soul,” Oji Abbot Dante Boone, manager and nephew of executive chef, said.

The cheese has a thick and fondue-like texture, where you can taste the individual threads of shredded cheese. Oohs and Aahs has also been critically acclaimed. It was awarded “Best Macaroni and Cheese“ by Washingtonian Magazine and featured on Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” Open until 4 a.m. on Saturdays, Boone described the nightlife scene as “just like a club, minus the liquor,” making it a great post-party destination.

Jamie Finkelstein | Hatchet Photographer
Jamie Finkelstein | Hatchet Photographer

2121 14th St NW
Another flagship on U street, Eatonville’s take is all about the classic macaroni and cheese recipe. Executive chef Rafael Numez prepares his dish by letting his elbow pasta cook in a delicious, sweet and creamy reduction sauce to make it even creamier.

“We put a lot of care to keep it classy but good recipes do not go out of style,” Numez said.

The final product is macaroni and cheese heaven: smooth and rich with every bite better than the last. While many other restaurants are beginning to put their own spin on the classic dish, Numez points out that he “want[s] to keep the soul of the dish.”

Ray’s Hell Burger
1650 Wilson Blvd, Arlington

Recently moved from its previous Rosslyn location, Michael Landrum’s macaroni and cheese at the new storefront, called Ray’s To the Third, should not be overlooked. The average college dorm room hosts better decorations than Ray’s Hell Burger, but at least its fridge has a better stock. Ditch the fries if you want to grab a burger and go for their rich seven-cheese blend macaroni and cheese. This is a perfect combination of cheese and grease, and while with a 10-ounce burger and a cup of cheesy noodles you may start to hate yourself, this will mainly leave you with cravings to return. You can order the macaroni and cheese separately or on the American Burger to make a truly Hell Burger Experience.

Kangaroo Boxing Club
3410 11th St. NW

Why limit your hangover brunches to pancakes at Founding Farmers? At Kangaroo Boxing Club, they serve breakfast on Sundays until 3 p.m. and offer a morning sandwich that lets you choose between two of their macaroni and cheese dishes as a side: bacon gorgonzola and cheddar jalapeno. The gorgonzola bacon is rich, and the bacon gives great texture and helps tone down the sharp and powerful creamy gorgonzola, but this dish is also very strong so steer clear unless you’re a lover of blue cheese. On the other hand, the jalapeño cheddar is definitely a safe and tasty crowd pleaser with the perfect amount of heat from the jalapeño.

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