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Scrumptious from Squat: I Bleed Sangria

This post was written by recipe columnist Scott Figatner.

Abandon predictable red sangrias and opt for Scott's succulent, surprising sangria blanco this weekend. Photo by Contributing Photo Editor Jordan Emont

People always expect red wine Sangría, but I love to mix it up with Sangría Blanco. Yes, Sanría comes from the Spanish word “sangre” or “blood,” so it’s not really authentic, but a Sangría by any other name would taste as sweet. My Sangria is infused with the flavors of ginger, mint and pear.


• 1 bottle of white wine
• Sugar
• 2 pears
• 15 mint leaves
• 5 slices of ginger

I used a Pinot Grigio. A White Rioja would be the most authentic. However, Sangría is a perfect way to add pizzazz to cheap wine. A dry white works best when sweetened with the pears and simple syrup. Keep in mind that the pears soak up a lot of wine, so you may want to double the recipe.

To make the simple syrup, heat and dissolve one part of sugar into one part of water. A half cup of each is fine, yet any extra can keep in the refrigerator for an easy drink sweetener.

Any sweet, succulent pear will do. It’s pear season—you can’t go wrong! I used a red and green Anjou for color. If you can find an Asian pear, snatch it right away. Cut them into bite-sized cubes.

Pour the wine into a pitcher and add the pear cubes, 15 leaves of mint and five slices of ginger root. Marinate in the refrigerator for two to three days. Add simple syrup to taste, afterward.

Listening to Spanish music is the most important element of the recipe. Drink out of the red solo cups if you must, but only if you must. Scott doesn’t sip like that.

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