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Boyer to file Student Court case

After Student Association presidential candidate Kyle Boyer was disqualified from the runoff early Thursday, he told campaign supporters in an e-mail that he plans to file a case with the Student Court.

During Boyer’s hearing with the Joint Elections Committee — the oversight body for SA elections — he argued that he should not have had to list the use of a friend’s car on H Street as an expenditure. SA candidates are required to list their campaign expenditures and file the report with the JEC. A candidate’s expenditure report cannot exceed $1,000.

Because the JEC decided Boyer had to list the fair market value for the use of his friend’s car on H Street, Boyer’s expenditure report was pushed past the $1,000 limit, disqualifying him from the runoff election.

In an e-mail to campaign supporters, Boyer said he will contest the JEC’s decision with a Student Court complaint. The Court is not obligated to hear the case.

Boyer’s email is below:


Thank you all for your words of support, prayers, etc. I obviously am not happy about the decision. The accusations of being a cheat and a fraud are kind of offensive as well. BUT the words of support, the phone vibrating off its charger, the friends, the family, and the knowledge of being right still outweigh the bad. In my 9:35 this morning a row of students behind me (didn’t know I was there) and were talking about the Hatchet’s article. I listened to them figuring they represent the average student, and without knowing I was in the class I could hear them yell “they really screwed him” or “that is so not fair” and I happen to agree with both. Those of you who have seen my status over the last day know its Romans 8:28, which basically tells us that everything happens for a reason. Since last night, I’ve focused my deliberation on whether or not its worth it at this point: the SA needs fixing, will people even respect me as a leader, can I afford the time and effort?

To answer all of you, YES I am going to challenge the decision. Too many people have volunteered their time, changed their profile pics, etc. for me to not finish this race. As soon as we can, we will file with the Student Court, and hopefully begin the process of reversing the JEC and finishing this election.

So, go to Mexico, Aruba, Nola, or Pennsylvania like me, and enjoy your Spring Break. Rest, recoup and rejuvenate, be thankful for the things that really matter in life (not SA politics), and we’ll finish this up when we get back.

I love and appreciate all of you,

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