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JEC releases general election winners list

The Joint Elections Committee released the following official list of winners for undergraduate and graduate races in the Student Association, Marvin Center Governing Board and Program Board.

The run-off election for the top two vote-getters in the SA president and EVP races will be held on Wednesday and Thursday.

SA President
Marc Abanto (Student Union), with 28.9 percent
Nicole Capp, with 26.1 percent

David “Tito” Wilkinson, with 19.5
Casey Pond, with 13.6 percent
Michael Ray Huerta (Students for Progress), with 10 percent

SA Executive Vice President
Brand Kroeger, with 32.3 percent
Nick D’Addario (Student Union), with 28.3 percent

Andrew Cooper, with 22.8 percent
Chris Rotella (Students for Progress), with 10.3 percent
Elliot Bell-Krasner, with 5 percent

U-At Large (Two seats available)
Kevin Kozlowski (Student Union), with 41.7 percent
Richard “Dick” Fowler (Student Union), with 38.8 percent

Jackson Trugman, with 15.7 percent

CCAS-U (Six seats available)
OG Oyiborhoro (Student Union), with 16.4 percent
Nina Pedrad (Student Union), with 14.2 percent
Will Luton (Student Union), with 13.7 percent
Eric G. Woodard (Student Union), with 12.5 percent
Meghan Cassin (Student Union), with 12.1 percent
Eugene Beckley (Student Union), with 11.9 percent

Joshua Phillips (Students for Progress), with 9.5 percent
Francis Murray (Independent Voice), with 8.3 percent
Tim Swenson (Students for Progress), with 8.0 percent
Mohit Shah (Independent Voice), with 7.3 percent

ESIA-U (Three seats available)
Edward “Ted” O’Neil (Student Union), with 20.8 percent
Jessica Jacobson (Student Union), with 19.7 percent
Jasmine Gaskins (Student Union), with 19.1 percent

Taylor Rae Shuler (Students for Progress), with 15.4 percent
W. Hunter Patterson (Students for Progress), with 13.1 percent
Sammy Lopez, with 7.1 percent

SoB-U (Two seats available)
Nathan Brill (Student Union), with 24.1 percent
Matthew R. Cohen, with 23.8 percent

Jake Lansburgh (Student Union), with 21.3 percent
Ethan Elser (Students for Progress), with 12.3 percent
Supin Jairath (Students for Progress), with 11.4 percent

SEAS-U (One seat available)
Elfine Natalia Peterson Tjio*, with 89.4 percent

SPHHS-U (One seat available)
Isa Bacardi*, with 100 percent

MCGB-U (Four seats available)
Vik Jayadeva*, with 24.5 percent
Timothy Shea (Students for Progress), with 24.1 percent
Mike Rossetti*, with 24.1 percent
Michael Whitten*, with 20.7 percent

Jay S. Kaplan (Student Union), with 55.3 percent
Peter Fu, with 41.8 percent

PB-Executive Vice Chair
Kate Prescott (Students for Progress), with 93.5 percent

Grad-At Large (2 seats available)
Brian Mechell, with 3.7 percent
Chris Kenny, with 2.9 percent
Peter Feldman, with 2.9 percent

CCAS-Grad (Two seats available)
Aditi Banerjee, 7.7 percent
Patrick J. Kelly, with 7.7 percent
Katie Santo, with 7.7 percent
Carrie Warick, with 7.7 percent
ESIA-G (1 seat available)
Ravi Alfreds, with 33 percent
Josh Vogel, with 33 percent
Joshua Vogel, with 33 percent

SoB-Grad (3 seats available)
Brian Gist, with 37.5 percent
Vanessa Leong, with 25 percent
Virginia Markstein, with 25 percent

SEAS-Grad (2 seats available)
J.P Blackford, with 20 percent
Kartik Bulusu, with 20 percent
Juman Byrun, with 20 percent
Juman Byun, with 20 percent
Darby Thompson, with 20 percent

SPHHS-Grad (1 seat available)
Craig Kupiec, with 20 percent
Tiffany Lambright, with 20 percent
Ikenna Meyers, with 20 percent
Pamela Sit, with 20 percent
Kenna Zamone, with 20 percent

CPS-Grad (1 seat available)
David Ceasar, with 33 percent
Kristy Pagan, with 33 percent
Elan Schnitzer, with 33 percent

Law-Grad (2 seats available)
Chris Bruno, with 7.4 percent
Peter Feldman, with 5.9 percent

GSEHD-Grad (2 seats available)
Isaac Agbeshie-Noye, with 20 percent
Valierie Heruska, with 20 percent
Ross Mancuta, with 20 percent
Andrew Salzman, with 20 percent
Ferry Stepancic, with 20 percent

SMHS-Grad (2 seats available)
J.P. Simon, with 87 percent
Jennifer Jackson, with 7.4 percent

MCGB-Grad (1 seat available)
Emmanuel Caudillo, with 6.1 percent
Peter Feldman, with 4.5 percent
Justin Friday, with 4.5 percent
Alex Solomon, with 4.5 percent

*Candidates who are supporting the Student Union, but are not official members of the slate because of Joint Elections Committee rules.

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