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Second City lights up Lisner

GW students watched as a doctor, his patient and his patient’s husband sat on the Lisner Auditorium stage, which was temporarily converted into a doctor’s office.

“I’m afraid I’ve found a lump in your breast,” the doctor informed his patient as a hush fell over the crowd.

After seconds of contemplation, the patient’s husband rose his head and replied, “You’re her dentist.”

The skit was part of a free two-hour show by the sketch comedy group Second City on Thursday night, as the finale to Welcome Week. The group, known for its performances in major cities throughout the United States and Canada, has launched the careers of comedians such as John Belushi, Mike Meyers and Stephen Colbert.

Officials said they brought Second City to GW because they thought students would enjoy the comic relief.

The group’s talent is “quality,” said Carl Graci, marketing and events associate for Lisner Auditorium.

The orchestra section of the Lisner Auditorium was full, while students were dispersed among the terrace section.

Second City performed a combination of singing, improvisation and planned skits about college life, the corporate world and current events.

For several skits, the cast acted out scenes based on the requests made by members of the audience. During a musical skit, the audience was asked to make up a band name and a song title. Following a period of suggestions echoing from each corner of the Auditorium, the “Crackheads” graced the crowd with their hit single “Righteous Sausage.”

Cast member Frank Caeti won over the crowd with his portrayal of the demonic 14-year-old son of a couple on Prozac and his rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.”

For the grand finale, the group picked a girl from the front row and sang for 10 minutes about her undecided major. For being such a good sport, Second City gave her a T-Shirt and the audience gave her a round of applause.

The group performed an encore after the main show was completed, consisting of improvisational comedy and skits the group said they were “still working on.”

Several audience members said a few skits dragged on longer than they cared to tolerate.

“The humor seemed to be fading. The show started out funny, but the skits seemed to be filling time more than entertaining the audience,” said freshman Jason Goldberg, who left after intermission.

Despite some negative reviews of the show, many audience members said they were entertained.

“I enjoyed the stuff they made up on the spot, but most of the skits they were developing needed some more work.” freshman Caitlin Emery commented. “Overall, the show was really funny. I laughed throughout the entire night.”

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