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Candidate Statements ’99

SA president

Ed Meinert
Despite our great diversity on campus, the fundamental flaw in our community is a lack of unity. I believe the only organization that can defeat this division is the SA. The president and the government should make its top priority to improve coordination of events and groups on campus.

Phil Meisner
I’m running with Cat Sadler and a Senate team that next year can achieve the full potential of the SA. We want to bring choice, commitment and change to the SA. Only by channeling the energy of students into a shared vision can we achieve our collective goals.

Paul Prados
If you don’t yet know what I’m about or wish to tell me what you’re about, I encourage you to come and see me in the Quad. I’ll be there most of Monday and Tuesday (barring bad weather) and will be ready to answer questions and listen to your comments.

Alexis Rice
It’s time that we demand more from GW and expect more from our SA. Students deserve to be satisfied with the quality of education and student services. The SA must advocate for real student priorities. We must cut the SA executive budget to ensure more money for student groups.

SA executive vice president

Derek Grosso
I’m Derek Grosso. Friends know I’m running for EVP, and here’s why: I’m running because I’m a people person. People know I’m a cheerleader, a Colonial Inauguration cabinet member, Greek and more. But my priority next year is fixing the SA. Vote for a people person. Vote for Derek Grosso.

Caity Leu
Only one candidate for Student Association EVP has real experience this year fighting for real reform and real solutions in the Student Association. I’ve introduced finance reform, proposed online registration and will create a service to advise students in trouble with GW. Vote Caity Leu on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Cat Sadler
I’m running with Phil Meisner and a team of Senate candidates because we have a shared vision for the SA. The SA needs to advocate for students on the individual level, for excellence in academics, with student departmental committees, for tuition leveling, and most importantly, for more choices on campus.

CSAS undergraduate senator

Craig Carroll
The biggest issues I want to address are security and safety: more off-campus security; collaboration of University Police and Metropolitan Police; expanded escort van boundaries; initiation of on-foot walking escort program; more direct line emergency alarms to UPD. This is only the beginning.

Manish Gupta
Leadership is about reaching out to you, the student. By directly and earnestly bridging the gap between students and the administration, I will be a positive force for effective change. Making students’ needs the priority of this University is critical. Demand that we the students are heard! Vote Manish Gupta.

Khalid Jaboori
My name is Khalid Jaboori. The problems we have don’t even compare with the crazy tuition we have to spare. The food is bad, the service is worse, if you ask how I know, I experience it first. Change all this on election day. Go and vote KJ!

Eddie Lara
I am asking for all CSAS students to come out and vote for the best candidate. With that said, if elected, I plan to work on reforming the student group allocation process, bridging the communication gap between administration and students, and strive to unify the GW community.

Mustafa “Moose” Lazkani
No. 1 in the CSAS ballot. No. 1 choice for senator. Many say they will improve GW, but few do. Together we will make sure recurring problems stop and take GW to the top. My name is Mustafa “Moose” Lazkani and remember to vote Moose.

Jay Levin
Jay Levin has fresh ideas for student activism. He encourages quarterly visits by senators to freshman advising workshops, wishes to expand and publish 4-RIDE boundaries, and considers cohabitation acceptable in quad rooms where men and women use separate bedrooms and bathrooms, but share a living room and kitchen.

Doug Miller
Hi my name is Doug Miller and I am running for Columbian School senator. Vote for me and “I will cure cancer” and “establish world peace.” It’s not about empty promises, vote for who you believe in your heart will best serve GW and its students. Vote Doug Miller.

Julie Radocchia
I want to bring the Student Association back to you. Currently, there is not enough information to and from the students. As a senator, I will be the representative voice of the students working on issues that concern you and working to inform you. It’s your senate and your vote.

Cathy Resler
Cathy Resler for CSAS. I currently serve on the dining, library, CIRC and security advisory boards. I revised the Academic Standing and Grading Policy in CSAS. All part-time faculty should be allowed to go to department meetings. We should start a Student Advisor Network, an advising Webpage. Thank you.

Rachel Rod
Devotion sets me apart from other candidates. I’m devoted to realistic goals for GW. I raised awareness of groups’ needs as a student group liasison. I’m devoted to fixing an inefficient campus mail system and delayed escort service. With my experience as a student leader, my devotion will pay off.

Christopher Voss
As CSAS senator I have two goals: Improve the academics and services of GW. As dining services chair, I listened to student input and have responded by creating a better meal plan. I answer problems with solutions, only solutions. Visualize the possibilities. Together let’s build a better GW. Vote Voss.

CSAS graduate senator

Jon Rodeback
Vote YES on the referendum. Separate undergraduate and graduate senates will better serve the different needs of undergraduates and graduates.

Levent Yanik
If you want to see real “action,” vote for Levent Yanik as your CSAS graduate senator! Look forward to the following: technological financial and academic reforms; free rapid Internet connection from home to enable you to work more efficiently; and more departmental office work space for graduate students.

ESIA undergraduate senator

Allison DeSevo
In the fall, I began attending Senate meetings. I saw how the Senate operates and how to enact change. I want to expand the Elliott School advising program to include professors and revamp the peer advising program. In addition, I will improve the communication between the SA and the students.

Wilson Vorn Dick
Read this! I want to target the freshmen more involved and make it easier to double major. I challenge all candidates, whether they win or lose, to get involved on campus next year, because there are too many ideas and talents that may be lost. Vote Team Meisner and Sadler!

John Williams
My message is simple: never be satisfied. The Elliott School is among the best in its field, but its curriculum and advising system must be revamped. Never be satisfied with GW. Constantly push for more accountability from the University and the Elliott School. Vote John Williams March 2 and 3.

SBPM undergraduate senator

Ben Getto
A University administration that explains where our money goes, an SA with cooperating branches and more constituent participation, a Senate with more money for student groups and a revamped SBPM First Year Development Course. These, along with your ideas are important to me. Vote for experience. Your voice, Your vote!

Tommy Goodwin
I seek your support for SBPM Undergraduate senator. For SBPM, I support continued yearly FYDP revision, advocacy and support for SBPM’s student groups and programs, and student academic councils. Also, as a member of Team Meisner/Sadler, I support ideas like choices on campus, better technology, improved transportation and Greek autonomy.

SPHHS undergraduate senator

Liz Foo
Playing with HEART for the EXSC ProgramH-earing your concernsE-nthusiasm & Energy brought to executing my Senate dutiesA-ction-oriented approach to improve athletic facilities & communication of Smith Center HoursR-ecruiting recognition of EXSC program into The BulletinT-ackling problems and trying to get more than one classroom

undergraduate senator

George O’Brien
My main focus as an SBPM Graduate Senator will be to increase the visibility and funding for the graduate business program at GW. This visibility is a vital step to enriching the MBA experience and increasing career opportunities for graduates. Not just any MBA – but a GW MBA.

SEAS undergraduate senator

Rida Barakat
After two years at GW, I believe I have a full understanding of the problems facing SEAS and what could, should and must be done. I will focus on: Labs update and opening hours, professional advising, faculty student ratio, and research. Let’s get what we are paying for. Vote Rida!

Dan Larsen
I’m running for the SEAS-U position for one reason: I think a GW engineering degree is underrated. My pledge, if I win, is to convince Rice Hall of the benefits of marketing the SEAS school; and, through that dialogue, increase the market value of a GW engineering degree.

Shelley Mountjoy
I’m running for a third term as the SEAS-U senator because I have the experience necessary to represent you. I have worked on parking, social events, freshman orientation and more. Remember to ask for your Engineers’ Council ballot at the polls this week. Thanks for your support.

Howard Sherman
Although we are a small percentage of GW students, we can be a much larger presence on campus than we are. I will work with the Engineer’s Council and the SA to get more publicity for engineering events. I stand for efficiency within the SA and better communication with faculty.

SEAS graduate senator

J.P. Blackford
I have been active on the Engineers’ Council and the Student Association for many years. As your senator, I will work to ensure that the concerns of SEAS graduate students are adequately represented. My experience, leadership and dedication make me the ideal person to continue to serve as your senator.

Undergraduate at large senator

David Burt
When it comes to representing undergraduate students in the Senate, one must ask: Who has the experience to represent the views of the entire undergraduate population in a critical year for Senate? If you examine all the candidates, I think you will find a clear choice. Vote David Burt!

Elizabeth Cox
I’m running with the Meinser/Sadler team because we have shared interests, and goals for the SA. I will bring dedication, enthusiasm, advocacy and leadership to the SA, and to students. We must make our voice heard for choice and change. I am committed to bringing these issues to you.

Heath Hanson
This University is full of stellar minds with outstanding ideas. However, so many of their ideas for change never come to fruition because of a lack of communication and initiative. I am the guy to turn things around. I do what my opponents talk about. I won’t drop the ball.

Graduate at large senator

Tulin Olcum
Currently a fourth year doctoral student, I look forward to being your voice on the SA Senate. As your senator, some of the issues I will address include: health insurance for graduate students who are TAs or RAs, and on-campus housing for graduate students – both domestic and international.

Emily Cummins
VEKHI. The post-revolutionary self-questioning of Russian intellectuals is what you do not need me to describe here. Three years of community service make me your best candidate for Graduate at Large Senator. Vote for me and get back to studying. After all, that’s why we’re here.

PB executive vice chair

Shreema Sanghvi
E=MC2. Experience = Management, Care and Commitment, too. Shreema Sanghvi, for executive vice chair of the Program Board. On March 2 and 3, that’s the only formula you need to remember.

Seth Weinert
Results count! Would you invest $10 if you knew you’d get back thousands? As PB corporate relations chair, I’ve spent $10 of student money and brought more than $2,000 worth of goods to GW students. That’s a great investment. Invest in me by voting Seth Weinert for PB vice chair.

All candidates were invited to submit a 50-word statement.

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