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Don’t have someone special? Feb. 14 can still be fun

As Valentine’s Day nears, those without a special someone encounter the tortures of the season, constant reminders that they are single. From talk of how paired-up friends plan to spend the day to the never-ending roses, candy, hearts and that distasteful Pepto Bismol color around every corner, single people are reminded that they will be spending the big day alone.

But fear not, unattached guys and girls – being single on Valentine’s Day brings most people down, but there is a long list of fun things to do for those still searching for a soul mate.

The obvious choice is to don the sweats, rent some videos, pig out on junk food and cry over sappy movies. But at the end of the night, most people feel worse – they have gone through a box of tissues and have consumed enough calories to last a week. This choice has become clich?, so instead of falling into this category, why not try something different? If you’re not up for going out, staying in can definitely be worthwhile if it’s done right.

For single girls who either have recently broken up with someone or still can’t let go of that obsession they know they will never get, why not have a little ritual party to pay homage to that special guy in your life?

Invite a few friends who are in the same boat and have them bring various mementos of “him” – photos, flowers, even articles of his clothing. Get a little can or bucket, throw in some wood, start the fire and toss in the keepsakes. Vo?la! You have your very own ex-boyfriend or obsession bonfire. Lighting candles and adding your own vents of rage will contribute to the ambiance of the evening. One hint: Do this outside. The concept is simple, and by the end of the night, instead of feeling down and gloomy, your spirits will have risen and maybe you’ll get a laugh out of it too.

For single guys, the above ritual will work fine for your ex-girlfriends and obsessions, too. But if you opt for something different, television is always a favorite. Although guys may not be as inclined as girls to watch those tear-jerking love stories from the ’80s, you can’t go wrong with sports, beer and pizza. Invite some friends over and hang out. It works for girls too. Whatever you choose, you will not be alone and the night will fly by faster.

For those who would rather go out, more power to you. Just because you are single doesn’t mean you can’t have a life on Valentine’s Day. Luckily, you live in a city that offers a number of things to do. Going to Georgetown or Adams Morgan is the obvious choice. Whether it’s out to dinner or a bar, food and friends work well together. Going out dancing is another fun option, however, be warned that since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, many clubs or bars won’t be open as late, and some may even be closed.

If you’ve got the extra cash, or at least Mom and Dad’s credit card, do a little shopping for yourself. Impulse buying may not be the safest bet, but it definitely raises your spirits.

You also can work the night away and make some extra bucks in the process. Or you could hang out at Gelman and catch up on the work you’ve been slacking on.

Whether you stay in, go out or work, those who are single this Valentine’s Day have a plethora of options to chose from. Aside from the ordinary pit party, it’s always fun to be daring and try something new, so gather up some friends and make the night one to remember. You never know, you may even find your new soul mate, or at least a new obsession.

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